Future Xbox updates - what do we want next?

We now have the update on August 11th creeping up and it's great, but what do we want next? ObsessedMikey has done a bit of research on what some people want on the next updates, see after the jump for the list.

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Saaking3116d ago

We want XBL to be FREE!!!

-MD-3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Not me, Paying a price gives Microsoft reason to make it a good service.

If you want to see what a free service provides take a look at PSN.

Allelujah003116d ago

You know the PSN service really isn't as bad anymore. It handles Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 perfectly. Plus DL times have increased significantly since the beginning. Also MAG boasting it's 256 player game really is going to show off the PSN capabilities.

So, PSN really is a great online service available for free and is I dare say is almost on par with Live. ALMOST is the key word.

-MD-3116d ago

My biggest issue is it's not as easy to communicate with friends... on Live I just click a button in my game and I'm chatting to 8 people on my friends list.

Can't do that on PSN, it needs work.

Saaking3116d ago

Wait, so you're telling me you'd rather pay than have it free?? That's some weird logic you have.

The_Beast3116d ago

just likes Microsoft and would pay them even if its for nothing

-MD-3115d ago

If you can't wrap your head around what I said you are far more lost than I originally thought.

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KionicWarlord2223116d ago

I agree to everything...but we wont ever see a web browser .

Blaze9293116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

- Hulu
- More detailed rating system like iTunes
- Renting service? If possible that would be KICK ASS
- Make Gamerscore or Avatar Awards worth something like trade in value for clothing
- Custom Gamerpics
- Faster dashboard
- IM not just for Windows Live Messenger but also everyone on friends list.
- Interactive avatar spaces in friends tab from dashboard
- A separate place for Lips, Rock Band and Guitar hero so the new songs wont take up the ENTIRE space of New Releases
- Ability to store video files on the HDD
- Ability to back up HDD on a external HDD or thumbdrive. Hell the ability to back it up on Xbox LIVE servers would be even better!
- PayPal ON the Xbox 360 and for Xbox LIVE subscriptions and Netflix.
- Online TV
- Video reviews and review scores in every game's page from the leading websites like Gametrailers, IGN, 1up etc.
- Browse-able manuals for every game's page for times you buy a used game without the manual.
- Notifications for when games on your most recent played list get updates and new DLC with the option to turn that off or on.

All I got for now.

-MD-3116d ago

My only request is make everything on the dashboard load faster.

swiftshot933116d ago

agreed. Thats the only thing I want too.

ShenmueLegacy3116d ago

The new dashboard update on the 11th August, if you haven't already tried it, does speed up the dashboard. I would say it's a perfect speed now really, particularly the marketplace which now loads up instantly or with a second or two delay, rather than waiting for ages like the previous update.

Blaze9293116d ago

Of course nothing would beat seeing "Xbox LIVE now free multiplayer!"