When Will Gaming Mature?

Despite all the advancements made within the medium with story, acting and graphics, games still have got a long way to go. There has to be a place for both types of action based content and thoughtout content as there is within the Movie Industry. You've got to wonder when will that happen to Video Games?

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Saaking3121d ago

Gaming won't ever be "mature" until the media and general public start seeing gaming as more than something "just for kids." There are many, and I mean MANY adults playing video games. It's a hobby just like any other and is also a form of entertainment just like films. Gaming is like an animated movie. Animated movies are seen as "for kids" and those that deviate from this stereotype are criticized. Besides I'm tired of people complaining that games such as GTA are too violent. Look at the corner of the box. You see the big M there. It stands for mature that means 17+, little kids shouldn't be allowed to play these games.

Hoolock3120d ago

my main issue with people who describe games as violent is the fact i see worse violence in films that are given critical acclaim and patted on the head. As soon as a game shows violence it is seen as immature and dangerous. This wont change until people begin to view video games as a serious media which wont happen any time soon as gaming is a lot harder to get into than watching a film or listening to music. People cannot easily become a decent gamer as soon as they pick up the pad to fully enjoy the game but it takes no learning curve to press play on the remote and they can instantly enjoy the film. this is why PSeye and Natal are such good ideas for non gamers, they can start to see games for what they are not what they currently perceive them to be.