The State of Brawlers: The End is Nigh

The universe depicted in Moore's comic series Watchmen is complex. Deadline Games' take on the events before the comic's happenings could not be further from complex. Heroes Rorschach and Nite Owl star in this uninspired action brawler. Their enemies come in two sizes: medium or large. And they all look the bloody same.

Part One was released back in March, and, while the combat numbed the soul, the spot-on voice work and digital comic cut-scenes were enough to keep from dying inside. But with only a change in setting, Part 2 is a stale intruder. Having it be only half the length of the first is a gift.

Thank the mighty lord Death Adder can cleanse gamers palettes with Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. This Sega collection features a handful of brawlers exponentially better than The End is Nigh.

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