Mirror's Edge $9.99 at EB Games

NextGen Player writes:

"Members of the RedFlagDeals forum are saying that the game is selling for $9.99"

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big shadow3214d ago

that's an awesome deal. I'm getting it

paulhunter3213d ago

I just went to EB Games and confirmed the price. $9.99, amazing!

Knightrid8083213d ago

The game is worth much more than $9.99 but for that price, it's basically a steal. It is good though, more people get to play it and discover how refreshing and good that game is.

Genesis53213d ago

Doh! I just bought it for $19.99 at Rogers video.

Information Minister3213d ago

And that was still a great deal if you ask me. Awesome game! Loved every minute of it.

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omni_atlas3213d ago

I'm playing this now, I'm actually enjoying it. Its something different. And the city glows with sharpness.

dgroundwater3213d ago

Yep, everyone buy now! The sequel will be fantastic too I bet.

youngmoney103213d ago

Mirror's Edge was very underrated.
Great price for a great game.

TheColbertinator3213d ago

Pick it up guys.I got it for 60$ and I love it

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The story is too old to be commented.