The answer to Home on Xbox Live

Here's the answer to Home for Xbox Live. A way to actually make players want to use the service and a bigger world for people to adventure in, RPG-style.

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Maddens Raiders3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

with ranting than actual critical thinking.

"The idea of Sony's Home was that Sony seemed to forget to actually make it something you actually want to play, and they ONLY thought about how to make money in it."

I go to HOME quite often, but have never gone there expecting to (((play))) HOME. Why? Because HOME is not a game, and yes, SNE Studios, EA, NAMCO, GG, Insomniac et al, are making plenty while people are purchasing gear and spaces - because they WANT to, not because they have to do it. What's wrong with making money? It's actually a little funny considering "who" you're defending.

Yeah, the MMORPG things sounds like a good idea, but I don't think MS currently has the dedicated servers to support such an adventure. In the meantime, I'd be on the lookout for the Agency if I were you.

Don't worry Mikey, instead of ranting about the lack thereof on your console of choice & hoping for the future, just pick up the real thing on a soon to be price reduced PS3 slim - at a dealer near you.

ShenmueLegacy3143d ago

It's just an idea, give the guy a break. We should embrace new ideas :)

Maddens Raiders3142d ago

I gave him some credit on the idea...did you even read my post?

"Yeah, the MMORPG things (((sounds like a good idea))), but I don't think MS currently has the dedicated servers to support such an adventure"