3 Shortcuts Game Designers Should Stop Taking

Creators want to make their creations the best that they can be. But sometimes, whether due to limitations in time or resources or just plain laziness, they take shortcuts.

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Saaking3209d ago

I think the karma system in fallout 3 was really well done.

ThanatosDMC3209d ago

They need to stop making crappy CGI movies that dont resemble in-game graphics.

Reibooi3208d ago


If you mean stop making Stunningly beautiful CGI movies that don't resemble gameplay then sure. I don't think anyone would care if the CGI movies were crappy as the game play would probably be better anyway.

Tony999Montana3208d ago

'Reibooi', I assume that he didn't mean crappy as a reference to the quality of the CGI, but rather crappy as a description of how it is decpetive to gamers and is essentially a method of cheating from the developers.

Sunny_D3209d ago

The third one is what I hate about RPG's. I walk past a door in the beginning thinking it's not important. After I get the key that opens it, I'm like what door does this open? After I find out, I'm like WTF? I have to go back all the way???? yawn.
I also hated DMC4 because of that.

Kamikaze1353209d ago

We need a video game where a character gets resurrected during a cut scene.

kaveti66163209d ago

I think a lot of people would be turned off by that. For example, you may not know this, but a lot of fans of The Lord of the Rings and books in general were turned off when Gandalf was brought back. It sort of felt like a cheap way of playing with people's emotions. Other authors have criticized Tolkien for doing that. The drama of Final Fantasy VII would be compromised if that girl that Sephiroth killed was brought back.

Reibooi3208d ago

Well Eternal Sonata did what you wanted. A character in the game*SPOILER* Claves is killed however near the end of the game there is a massive side quest you can under take to permanently resurrect her.

chewmandinga3209d ago

The morality system one was good, but in general i think they're usually well implemented and not usually a "shortcut" as described.

GTA4 had a good "karma" / "decision" system wherein if you saved a life, often the character would come back to murder you / rob you. It was a good twist on the "good deed = reward" idea.

Cenobia3209d ago

What? What game did I play then? The way I remember it there was all of one choice that actually mattered in that game and they totally threw it in your face. It wasn't a "good twist", it was manipulation.

Decisions like which person to kill had absolutely no bearing on where the story went. After the mission ended it was the same either way except one choice might have given you a perk. There were no branches, it was a linear path with the illusion of choices.

a_squirrel3209d ago

I hate the 3rd, absolutely hate

Tony999Montana3208d ago

Devil May Cry 4 is the worst for the first and third point.

You play through all the levels as Nero, then turn around and play them backwards as Dante, fighting all the bosses again. Then before the final boss fight you have to replay all the bosses again as Nero, in a row, whilst playing some ridiculous dice board game. I wish I was making that up.

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The story is too old to be commented.