FrugalGaming: Are Gamers killing the Games? Rental and Pre-owned examined

FrugalGaming says: The games industry is no different in this respect to any other industry, and ever since the concept of interactive video games first appeared the big question has always been "How can we make money out of it?"

So it would seem that we have a simple situation - they need money and have a game, we have money and want a game, we buy game from them, all is well and good. Ignoring all non-legitimate means, that was how the deal used to work. If you wanted to buy a game, you bought it new and the money went from retailer to wholesaler to publisher and finally to developer, with everyone taking their cut along the way. In recent years however new avenues have opened up to allow us the Gamer to get what we want, without the people at the other end of the chain, the Developers and Publishers getting what they want, through the reviled Pre-owned games, and the more recent wide-scale introduction of Video Game rentals.

So are we the consumers harming the very industry that we rely on for our entertainment, do the developers have genuine reason to complain, and what can and is being done to redress the balance? Difficult questions, but never one to shy away from controversy, lets delve into this.

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lsujester3210d ago

But, there's not much anyone can do about most of this until real DD actually gets here, however long that takes. Even then, games will still be pirated.

I do have one gripe about this article though... video game rental is by no means a recent thing. My brother and I used to rent games every single week from our local video store growing up. My mom did buy us some outright on our birthdays and Christmas, but in-between we rented hundreds of games over the years, from NES games onward.

Morose Duck3209d ago

I think that this is probably an area where Britain has lagged behind the States, although it is true to say that in store rentals have been around in limited fashion from the likes of Blockbusters since the nineties. The advent of the Online rental services has exploded this sector of the industry though and places like Lovefilm and Swapgame are renting out in far larger volumes than the stores ever did.