TotallyGN: TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled Review

Overall Turtles in Time can be a pretty fun title, however, it is incredibly short. There will be some gamers that grow bored really quickly while those who are big Turtles fans should enjoy it a little more. It seems absurd that this game was originally priced at fifteen dollars, however, at least they decided to drop it to ten dollars at the proverbial last minute.

Still, this is a game that should have been no more than five dollars like the first Turtles game that hit a while back. With titles like Splosion Man that also cost ten dollars you can't really justify that price for Turtles with its quick campaign and repetitive combat. Still, there is some fun to be had here and if you have young kids around they will get a blast out of being able to control their favorite turtle.

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Ninji3242d ago

Gametrailers - 6.1
totallygn - 6
IGN - 5.9
E4G - 4

The remake flopped. I guess XBLA just doesn't have anything good these days.

-MD-3242d ago

Spending all your time trolling 360 articles. Must not have anything worth playing on your PS3 if this is what you do all day.