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Hamsterfist.com Top Ten Games of this Generation

Here is a list, not the ultimate list, not the greatest list, but a list none the less. What kind of list is it? Why it is Hamsterfist.com's list of the top ten games (or series) of this generation. (Burnout Paradise, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Culture, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Killzone 2, Left 4 Dead, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Orange Box, Wii, Xbox 360)

fishd  +   2031d ago
omg opinion!
KILLA J  +   2030d ago
and ZELDA was a gamecube game, that's so last gen
Trollimite  +   2030d ago
HOLD ON!!!!!!!!
L4D beat metal gear solid 4 and gears 2!!! BULLSHIT!!

sunil  +   2030d ago
MSG4 should be no 1 and IMO COD is a generic shooter and Halo & Killzone are much better than COD

+ L4D is pure multiplayer (heard.. i dont own 1), there are many games that do give exceptional single player campaigns + have several multilayer modes (unfortunately have to bring COD as an example)
Automat  +   2030d ago
nothing to see here. move along...!
pure pwnage24  +   2030d ago
I'll say it again
Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game of this gen and is one of the top 5 games ever made, which is why this list isn't very good
-Mezzo-  +   2030d ago
Cobalt40  +   2030d ago
MGS4 FTW! This List FTL.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2030d ago
@pure pwnage24
I agree 100%. Some people might not like a stealth based game, or a really deep story, but there is no denying that the overall production values and quality of every facet of MGS4 beat anything else so far this generation. It IS the best game so far this generation.
ChickeyCantor  +   2030d ago
Yes i loved MGS4 but i would say : Best "VIDEO"-game.
mastiffchild  +   2030d ago
Sidar, you're better than that! It's a low blow when Koj had so many loose ends to tie up in one game. For once, imo, ALL the cutscenes were justified and wonderfully done. It could've been pure shmaltz but the varied gaeplay, peerless visuals and inimitable Kojima style and innovation(OMG the Microwave scene-how many levels did that work on? And people thought Bioshock was in some way deep!)all keep it well above going for the cliches.

I never thought MGS3 would be bettered but he did it and I'm yet to play a better game this gen. Would've thought VC and Uncharted would have got in but the guy seems like a 360 gamer to me-not biased just doesn't know much about PS3 games or Wii games with no NMH or SMG.
ChickeyCantor  +   2030d ago
It wasn't a low blow,
It is a great game, but you could almost define it as a movie.

Honestly when you think games you don't really think MGS4, you think a fat plumber taking drugs.

I'm not dissing the game.
Lifewish  +   2030d ago
you missed Valkyria Chronicles
No_NaMe  +   2030d ago
MGS4 ? lol...
Boring game.

Zelda is much beter , Bioshock and Mass Effect are better aswell.

edonus  +   2030d ago
You know....
Without Halo3 on the list is totally invalid. Hate it or love it Halo3 is a true staple of this generation. I would say the most successful franchise this gen. To not include Halo3 is like not putting flour in a cake recipe.
PotNoodle  +   2030d ago
Its a decent list, i would rearrange it and swap in and out a few games, but still a decent list. MGS4 would be at the top of my list ;)
JonnyBigBoss  +   2030d ago
Another opinion I disagree with. Little Big Planet and MGS4 NEED to be in the top 3 for your list to be even remotely accurate. Left 4 Dead at #2? My goodness. It wasn't even a AAA game, let alone a game that had any variety or long-term replay value.
BlackPrince 42  +   2030d ago
Oh where to begin
How can a list of top 10 games include OB? That was a box set and none of the games within it are good enough on their own to be on a list like this.

Why is Burnout Paradise where Uncharted should be?

Gears is waaaaaay to high on this list and LBP, MGS4, and GTA 4 are too low.

Zelda rehash over Mario Galaxy?

*takes deep breath*

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caRnAGEconcept  +   2030d ago
the games on the list i will have to generally agree with, almost.

you forgot to put them in order properly, though. We can't have everybody with an opinion making top ten lists now can we?! Wait..

MGS4 has not been topped, so far anyway. Get it strait.

and ya, not much a personal fan, but in terms of top ten this gen -- c'mon now ... to not mention halo3 is more or less a simple-jack'ish (read* Forrest Gump) take on top ten material.
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saimcheeda  +   2030d ago
big fail!
sunil  +   2030d ago
epic fail
Close_Second  +   2030d ago
...Like hell thats the best game. Single player was too short and offered nothing really new. It was just extremely well presented. Multiplayer was the only reason to get into COD4 but its completely inept lobby system ruined the on-line fun most of the time.

Who did't get sick of quitting a game only to end straight back in it time and time again? Oh, and every time you quit its counted as a loss against you? Thats such a winning formula!
John Kratos  +   2030d ago
Where the Fvck is Bioshock? other than that a pretty good list.
cranium  +   2030d ago
He has Heavy Rain as an honorable mention xD
Poopface the 2nd  +   2030d ago
well noone is going to agree with anothers list completly
but on thing I will say is I think the single player in COD 4 was crap. The best mission was dropping the bombs from the plane, the rest were poor IMO. I played the multi alot, but just played bioshock an extra time instead of wasting more time on COD 4 SP.
wquach  +   2030d ago
And to think...
Hamsterfist himself posts up this "article" to grab hits for his site...

All it is is a top ten list that can be found on any blog or online entry. Hell, you could create a signature in some random forum with your top ten list.

Not only does this opinion piece lack any news, the reasoning and explanation behind why he considers one game better than the other lacks any depth whatsoever. Granted, everyone's top ten list is pure opinion, but the way you go about explaining it should be more than "ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES". By the way, if you actually played The Orange Box on PS3, you'd find out that it was perfectly playable and fine on its own terms. Yes, it was the worst of the three versions, but I had no significant problems playing the entire thing.

Hoping this doesn't reach anywhere above 100 degrees...

...and the stupidity of the comments written after the article on hamster's site...ugh.

*edit* Perhaps I was a bit harsh...perhaps not. Maybe I'm just so sick of these type of insignificant articles clogging up N4G. Whatever...do as you please.
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skatezero246  +   2030d ago
no uncharted? MGS4 getting beat by l4d epic fail imo .... but then again it is just an opinion
illjaden  +   2030d ago
This is my list:
1. MGS4
2. Mass Effect
3. Bioshock
4. Gears of War (1)
5. Call of Duty 4
6. Killzone 2
7. Uncharted
9. Little Big Planet
10. Valkyria Chronicles

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