Wolfenstein: Zeppelin Bloodbath Trailer

With the release date for Activision's Wolfenstein approaching fast, here's a look at some in game footage and a preview of the Wolfenstein arsenal. Nazis with jetpacks, Zeppelins and flamethrowers are all included in this fast and furious neo-war FPS coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on the 21st of August.

There is also a great head shot at 49 seconds, take a look……

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kaveti66163122d ago

1) Flames effects are so ridiculously outdated they look like they were designed on Microsoft Paint.

2)The guns don't have recoil. Especially towards the end, I observed the player shooting someone with the scope and there was no recoil.

3.)All around the graphics are underwhelming and there is no sense of visual style. Gears of War has a style. Killzone 2 has a style. This game has no style whatsoever.

Kleptic3122d ago

yeah it looks like they kept the gun recoil and overall 'feel' of excellent game; but very dated by today's fps standards...

the veil mechanic and stuff is interesting...but nothing about this game so far really stands out to me...I may be biased though, as Kotick is a raging douche and I really can't bring myself to purchase any of his company's crap right now...maybe thats it entirely...

skeletonss3122d ago

sick of first person shooters.