The Multiplayer Experience takes a look at modern multiplayer games, both online and offline, and where the field is headed. As of late, many games have received multiplayer modes, and NMGB gets to the bottom of why developers feel the need to tack on an extra multiplayer experience.

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Marcelles253122d ago

""""" I don't quite understand why games that were originally great, immersive single player experiences, feel the need to tack on a Co-op, or Team Deathmatch mode. Uncharted's gun controls were already mediocre to start with, and the combat was one of the worst parts of the game. So why would they then take their weakest point, and build an entire mode around it?

Now, don't think that I'm just making blind assumptions, because I've actually played the Multiplayer Beta -- granted bugs are to be expected -- but I did not enjoy the experience at all. It was exactly what I didn't want it to be; they hadn't improved the controls at all. I won't write the multiplayer off yet, because some people have said it's good. I guess we'll just have to wait for the retail version."""&quo t;""""" ;

Come on dude he's the only person in the world who didn't like it everything else is okay i guess

dgroundwater3122d ago

A disturbing trend in my opinion. I would even take an extra 2 hours of quality SP in a game like Bioshock 2 or RE5 than have a throwaway Team Deathmatch mode (like in RE5).

nomoregameblogs3122d ago

I have absolutely nothing against multiplayer, as some people have speculated. it can be great if a mode is built with a lot of time and effort put into it. Not just a cash in to extend the life of a game. I agree with dgroundwater, I would most of the time love to have an extra hour or two of single player instead of online multiplayer. I would even prefer split screen or offline co-op more than online (Killzone). While it's great to play with friends online, you don't get the same feeling when they aren't sitting next to you and you're laughing. A headset doesn't do the experience justice.