Need For Speed: SHIFT – Nissan 2000 Skyline GTR Profile

Here is another vehicle profile of a Need For Speed: SHIFT car, the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, and a few screens which look top notch.

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kaveti66163206d ago

Nah, the game looks good but there are jaggies all around the cars and the interior has low res textures on the dash. This doesn't look as good as Forza 3, but that doesn't mean the game will suck.

Uncle Rico3206d ago

Hmm I think it looks really good actually. Comparing to any NFS in the past, this is a big advancement for them...

jack who3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

dont make up your own title


This Game will be enough to rival Flopza 3

Saaking3206d ago

Rival!?!? Flopza isn't even competition.

NaiNaiNai3206d ago

Hey sorry GT sucks so much you can't even compete with NFS. XD So again, weres that weather system in GT5 that you've all been talking smack about. I've yet to find even 1 picture of this so called weather system. god you guys are going to look like fools when.............if it releases.

Holeran3206d ago

Things can change for the better given just a little more time to optimize. And I think the overall modeling of the cars is great.

morkendo3206d ago

NFS has not been exciting since mostwanted and hotpursuit 2

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