Green Pixels: Little King's Story Review

Little King's Story is a long journey, but one that will surprise players with every corner they turn. There's so much to explore, discover, and collect that you may not need another game for months. Sure, the time in between main events can be filled with some repetitive hacking and pillaging for treasure, but even that is fun. This is a refreshing experience that can rightfully claim its place in anybody's collection of timeless Nintendo classics.

The concept of "classic" itself is put to a new use in the game's beautiful soundtrack: playing on the notes of rearranged masterpieces such as Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3, Ravel's Bolero, and The Merry Widow is truly a unique experience. Little King's Story might look cute, but at times, it borders on epitomizing a cartoonish version of Machiavelli's The Prince.

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Saaking3242d ago

I'm probably not getting this game until next year, but it looks great.