PS3's Attach Rate At All Time High; Inches Closer To 360's

Nick @ writes: "According to the financial report released by Sony early last week, the PS3's hardware to software attach rate is at an all time high."

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xztence3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

The attach rate will only increase, especially with the upcoming pricecut, not to mention their superb game line up for the rest of 2009 and 2010.

Playstation is the definitive destination for hardcore gamers and soon casual gamers aswell when the motion controller arrives.

PS3 - Play Beyond indeed.

360isthebestps3sucks3049d ago

ps3fanboys say this in:

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009..... lol

-x.Red.x-3049d ago

of course, it's not year of the ps3 anymore
it's DECADE of the Ps3

blackbeld3049d ago

Like i said before Sony is here to stay for ten years...... And it will win this gen console for sure!!!

RememberThe3573049d ago

Sony gives PS3 owners something to be happy about every year. The PS3 is improving by leaps and bounds. Sales might not be improving, but the content is. I have no complaints. The best first party + a beast of a machine + free online gaming + and a muli-media hub to end them all = PS3.

AngryTypingGuy3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

"Due to the accellerated growth of the XBox 360, and the stagnating sales of the PS3, it's possible the gap has been shortened even further."

Breaking this down into simple terms, suppose there are 10 PS3 owners total, each with 5 games. That's 50 games to 10 consoles, or 5:1. Pretty good. Now suppose there are 30 360 owners, each with only 2 games. That's 60 games to 30 consoles, only a 2:1 ratio. Not quite as good of an attach rate, but the 360 has more total games and consoles sold.

The less/slower a console sells, the easier it is to have a higher attach rate for it because if the hardware sells slower, the easier it is to increase the software to hardware ratio. But is this what a company really wants, or do they want to sell more overall? The answer is the latter.

In real life, the 360 has sold more units, more games, AND has the higher attach rate several years after the mighty PS3 has launched. Pretty good for MS's second outing in the console wars, don't you think?

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Genesis53049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Well I have the attach rate beat by 40 games. Guess I am a bit more hardcore than the average gamer.

Nice to see that Sonys software sales are on the rise though. Lets face the HD gaming market needs 2 strong competitors.

Xistan3049d ago

Ps3 is where its at for the rest of this generation.

randomwiz3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Well, there's people like you, then there's people that buy a few games, but there's not many people like you, that's why the attach rate isn't as big.

iamtehpwn3049d ago

The fact that Ps3 costs more then 360 remains competitive sales wise is very impressive.

I really wonder how the numbers will workout if and when PS3 slim and a price cut become realities.

fishd3049d ago

Can't wait for the spins,lol

jwatt3049d ago

I think The ps3's price is the main reason the attach rate is so high. You Don't Buy a 400 dollar console and then don't buy any games for it.

Megaton3049d ago

I've got it beat by 8, not counting PSN titles. I've got 20+ PSN titles.

3XP3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

This article is a clear example of how things can be looked at. Here are my two though processes.

1. PS3 sells are stagnating the rate of new customers buying PS3s is slowing.

2. There are great games out for the PS3 and the people that already own the console are starting to buy the games.

@jwatt - Your theory is terrible flawed. People buy things all the time that they can't really afford. How many times have you seen someone buy a nice car or truck and then can't afford to put new tires on it because the wheel size out of the factory was 20" and now the tires are too expensive for them. It happens all the time.

My game count is: (Not counting downloaded games from PSN or XBL)

360 71 Games
PS3 13 Games
Wii 10 Games

Edit: The reason the 360 numbers are so much higher is because I buy "ALL" my multiplats on the 360 with the exception of tiger woods which I buy on the wii.

@raztad below. Dude, get over yourself (With your weak ass backhanded insult.) I am a 360 fan, you're right about that, but I am more so a gaming fan. If I was as rabbit as some people on this site I wouldn't own a wii or a PS3. I bought the 360 at launch as did I the PS3 and the Wii. If for no other reason I buy multiplats on the 360 for achievements and gamerscore. So say and believe what you want, it seems like you would much rather click the disagree button due to this stupid fanboy war rather than considering a valid argument.

raztad3049d ago


Only 360 fans think so :D. Those guys are so funny.

BTW I got 7 PS3 exclusives, 5 multiplats and 3 PSN games. Those numbers will increase soon.

Now I expect the "attach rate" to drop if rumors about price cuts, etc are actually true.

All Time Greatness3049d ago

Keep trying PS3. One day you might catch the leader. :)

360FTW23049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Man I feel you on all counts. Your agree/disagree ratio would be reversed if your PS3/360 numbers were reversed.

Sad buy true.

Someone needs to come out with another site like this one and call it N4MG - News 4 Mature Gamers.

@raztad above, please explain why the attach rate will drop if "the Rumors of the price or slim are true." I can see rumors stopping people from buying consoles until the new one is out, but what will stop current owners from buying games?

Imagine what the attach rate numbers would look like if PSN numbers weren't added. Sony clearly plays to it's strengths. (The blindness of it followers)

Thanks Poopface the 2nd for the link.

SprSynJn3049d ago

As soon as it catches the 360, then it will catch the leader. :)

MiloGarret3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I am 0.1 above it, YEAHHHHH.

Oh BTW: "Compartively, the XBox 360's attach rate was last tracked at 8.1 games per consoles following the 2008 holiday season"

GRRRRRRREAT comparison ps3 center! 8 months old data... you get an F ps3center, in life.

Maddens Raiders3049d ago

"Xistan - 2 hours ago
1.1 - Heh

Ps3 is where its at for the rest of this generation.

Agree(23) | Disagree(12) | Report
Your vote has been added"

....end of thread.

Venomish3049d ago

I usually sell old games that I am not interested in anymore, I keep about 12-20 games at one time in my collection

darrensworld3049d ago

"Keep trying PS3. One day you might catch the leader. :) "

In what? Sales? That would be the Wii

Tony999Montana3049d ago

I didn't read the whole article closely, but doesn't second hand (pre-owned) game sales make this data irrelevant?

Qui-Gon Jim3049d ago

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. They SHOULD be comparing it to 360 data from TWELVE months ago instead. You know, because the 360 came out a year earlier, so has had an extra year to sell more titles. This data that you complain about actually favors the XBox 360 by four months.

likedamaster3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

"Compartively, the XBox 360's attach rate was last tracked at 8.1 games per consoles following the 2008 holiday season, according to Microsoft."

Wrong. Xbox 360's attach rate is 8.6.

Not a bad attach rate for sony but PSN titles though? Sony inflating numbers as usual. Move along, nothing to see here folks.

harpua3049d ago

"Keep trying PS3. One day you might catch the leader. :) "

Highly unlikely...I doubt it will ever surpassed the PS2.

Halo3 MLG Pro3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Nice catch people. It's unfortunate that these sony fanboys sites have to straight up lie to make the ps3 look good. The author of this article should clearly have known that the ps3's attach rate include PSN titles while the 360's doesn't. Not to mention he didn't even get the 360's attach rate correct. Just a clear case of another clueless fanboy making up stuff. It's sad and unfortunate that only the 360 owners are smart enough to see this.

I guess you can add ps3center with playstationlifestyle and psxtreme as uninformative and juvenile websites.

ZOMBIEMAN13049d ago

you do know if there was a N4MG you wouldn't be allowed right you don't fit the profile

JD_Shadow3049d ago

Damn, that didn't take long for people to spin this, did it?

@likedamaster: And...where is the hard data for GTA: Lost and Damned? Didn't Microsoft make that 1 mil claim? What's the proof for that statement? And, I'm sorry, but XBL numbers DO count but PSN numbers DON'T? That's a double standard (and THAT goes for the people below that are trying THAT spin).

@Halo3 MLG Pro: So, basically, uninformative and juvenile websites means any console-specific site that has data that hurts your little world, does it? I'm sure if a 360 specific site were to give a chart that someone tried to comb through to see if they could spin, you would be praising it.

Stop trying to come on here and act like you're some oracle.

Halo3 MLG Pro3049d ago

Thank you for proving my point. Only 360 owners are smart enough to see this misinformed and straight up lie of an article. But I'm not surprised by your comment. You have been caught doing the same thing many times with the silly blogs that you put up here.

snp3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Makes sense. A bigger chunk of the earlier buyers would have got the PS3 as much for Bluray - in some cases just about only for Bluray - as gaming. As other Bluray devices become cheaper and more fully featured than they were (versus the PS3), and as more games start to come out for the PS3, naturally it'll be seen moreso as a games machine and sell in larger %'s to people who are buying it to (buy/)play games. (and those who own it exclusively or mainly for movies will become an ever smaller % of the total user base).

A lower attach rate is a natural side effect of a machine designed to be used in a variety of ways.

yorkie3048d ago

You say Sony plays to it's strengths (the blindness of its followers) wow that is funny, funny indeed from a boy with 360FTW2 for his user name and your blindness in buying a consle with a ridiculously high failure rate and then being charged for privilige to game online. You sir are so blind that you cant see.

JD_Shadow3048d ago

Hmm? What about my "silly blogs"? You mean the ones that you think are "silly" because they hurt your little world?

And speaking of, "Only 360 owners are smart enough to see this misinformed and straight up lie of an article."?

Wow, man. Just WOW!

MiloGarret3048d ago

If you are going to say that they're "inching closer", you can't really use 8 months old data, because you know... It's so stupid it hurts?

And don't include psn games when the 360 ratio didn't include xbla titles.

Sorry, but you can't spin retardedness. PS3center still gets an F in life, and so do you.

uie4rhig3048d ago

who cares? Teh PooS3 is teh doomeddddddddddddd!
also.. since everyone is sharing their own attach rate.. i'll share mine:
PS3: 11
360: 0
Wii: 0

then again, that *might* be because i only own a PS3!.. once i have a 360 and a wii, i will be able to give you more accurate readings ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

haha Halo MLG Pro laying the smack down and calling out the baiters and haters... Nice one.

This comparison is slanted and unless you are a fanboy you can clearly see it. It's not unlike a certain group to move the goal post when the game is not rolling their way.

Ju3048d ago

Speaking of fanboys. Awful lot 360 fans in the PS3 section again. huh ?

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Saaking3049d ago

360 slowly crawling to it's death little by litte.

Gamer11113049d ago

you mean sony crawling slowly to the

BreakNeckSpeed3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

If it did your life as you know it would be over. If the 360 no longer existed your live would be meaningless. What do you do all day ? Stir sh1t on N4G because it makes you feel good? What a life you live. Do yourself a favour and get a job.

Saaking3049d ago

I do have a job, how else would I afford my hobby?

Saaking3049d ago

I'm not a bot, I don't get spoon fed everything. I work during summer and even during school time because my parents don't spoil me like all the other xbots on this site.

All Time Greatness3049d ago

"you mean sony crawling slowly to the average"


RememberThe3573049d ago

At least, I truly hope it isn't. The competition between Sony and MS has be fierce and has lead to massive improvement's in the industry.

saimcheeda3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

laughing at ur own joke through ur alt account??....cmon call me nasim now!!:P

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sak5003049d ago

They added the psp and ps2 games sales in it as well.

Model3049d ago

you did the report for sony ?

Poopface the 2nd3049d ago

that software number includes PSN downloads. People here wont believe it even though Sony are the ones who said it. We already had this story on N4g with out the fanboy spin of this article. Heres proof:

and some more:

GiantEnemyCrab3048d ago

LOL! Did they really try and skew things by including PSN sales?


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