WiiDS: The World Ends With You Review

If it were longer, and if the Pin evolution system was easier to use WiiDS would give this a 10 in a heartbeat. As it is, it's still one of the finest action-RPGs they have ever played, and they can't wait for the inevitable sequel.

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inbfour3208d ago

A little late to the Party.

theusedfake3208d ago

amazing game, my favorite for ds

darkstar3208d ago

Favorite rpg for the ds by far.

Digitaldude3208d ago

Agreed, kick ass game, best DS RPG by a longshot.

Reibooi3208d ago

The game was aboslutely incredible and I was still playing it on a daily basis until I got SMT devil Survivor recently.

However I don't really think these guys did their research as they stat they are waiting for the inevitable sequel. Well I am sorry to burst your bubble but it will most likely never get a sequel.

While the game was a incredible experience and easily one of the best DS games ever made and it got rave reviews all around at the end of the day what matter most the sales were very lackluster and that reason alone means it's very unlikely that we will ever get a sequel.

If we were gonna get a sequel I would think it would have already been announced which it hasn't.

GameGambits3208d ago

Totally true. Most Square fans have been harping for another Chrono title, but the original Trigger and sequel Cross didn't get the sales SE wanted.

While us JRPG fanatics loved them, and we loved TWEWY as well, but the fact the main stream casuals and the "hardcore"(wannabes) won't get on board means we get shafted.