Mario: The Last of The Gaming Icons

With over 200 million sales to his name Mario is quite unlike any other game icon, but will there ever be another on the same scale? Gameztraffic explores the Mario phenomenon and analyses just why other games cannot compare.

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ChickeyCantor3147d ago

Inb4 "he should rest in peace already":

Mr_Controversy3147d ago

Sorry but Donkey Kong & Pac-Man are as ICONIC as Mario.

kunit22c3147d ago

It seems most people here don't understand. Mario is an Icon because not only is he known by gamers but non gamers also know him. Master chief and Solid Snake are not known by non gamers. But yes PacMan is another good Icon.

GameGambits3147d ago

| . |

That's the original game icon. See if you brain wizards can figure out what game it is. Anyone who's ANYONE on the planet should know wtf that illustration is for.

usern4g3147d ago

Without a doubt, few have achieved the status of "Icon". Of the last ~10 years, Master Chief of Halo is certainly the most likely to rise above.

MGS isnt really a widely known game outside of core-gaming.

Where Halo -- And Master Chief -- is appealing enough as a popular media icon that Steven Spielberg is now rumoured (and Peter Jackson before) to want to do a Movie based on him.

Master Chief has certainly risen to "Icon".

yippiechicken3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Could those be 2 vertically moving paddles with a ball bouncing back and forth between them?

PONG anyone?

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eagle213147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

A plumber on a quest to save a princess. After all these years, he's still my favorite game icon. :)

adnanrules3147d ago

There are barely any franchises and characters that come close to how big Mario is..i think the only one that gets close is Link. I have only recently started playing Mario games starting on the Wii and he and his games are brilliant.

3147d ago
mirroredderorrim3147d ago

In before "Master Chief>Mario"

gintoki7773147d ago

fck master chief he aint no icon you dont see master chief in super smash bros brawl do you .................. but you see snake because he is a recent icon well at least to me.

knightcrisis3147d ago

You can't be serious the only you reason you won't see Master Chief in Smash Brothers is because A)Halo is an X-box exclusive B)Smash Brothers is a Wii exclusive and C)The two will never mix. Besides Snake isn't an exclusive character to any system and he was on Nintendo's systems before Sony's, thats why he was on SSBB...that and he's awesome. xD

Timesplitter143147d ago

For those who are new to the interbutts, and I say this because of the disagrees he got, "In before Master Chief > Mario" means that he's waiting for someone who, in his opinion, is very dumb and thinks Master Chief is beter than Mario. So he's not saying that MC is better ; it's the opposite. He thinks that saying this would be stupid.

You guys...

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The story is too old to be commented.