PS3 Rumors - Megaman Reworked via PSN

PS3 fans are sure to be delighted hearing what the latest issue of EGM magazine has for them, mostly to thank Quarterman for. The man is known for bringing only the juiciest of stories to gamers. Whether they're just rumors or real facts, he doesn't miss anything. And this time is no different, as Capcom is said to be remaking the original Mega Man for the PS3, a new Disgaea for the PS3 is thought to be in the works too, as well as a new Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix.

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bobbybrown4241d ago

another great addition to the psn!

SmokeyMcBear4241d ago

oh yes megamn... bring on megaman2!!!!

snoop_dizzle4241d ago

how many mega mans have their been?

I'm not trying to hate, I'm just wondering.

ReconHope4241d ago

i just might download this

Keyser4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I hope this is like $1 because there are like 18 Megamans and I'd hate to pay $5 for each...

Now that I've got the whining out...This is good news for the PSN. It is good to see that Phil was right and that after they finished getting their hardware out that now they're going to work on getting the games. Good job Sony. It's like a new game on PSN every week, shat!