Activision face boycott by Gamers

Angry gamers begin backlash of Activision after Robert Kotick's statement that he'll like to see the price of games rise. With the sequel churner himself smug at the fact during the recession he'll happily rise game prices, starting with Modern Warfare hitting at an extra £5.00 sterling than usual retail prices.

Passionate rally cry after the jump..

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Xistan3212d ago

I say boycott their ass, they deserve it.

mastiffchild3212d ago

Me too. I'm not getting anything they publish until they change their ways and know twelve others that won't be getting MW2 either new in the UK or even imported unless the price changes back. I might consider getting it imported had IW distanced themselves from conning the UK gamer.

jack_burt0n3212d ago

that picture makes me sick, *vomit*

u will never take my money!!!!

gamesR4fun3212d ago

besides what do they have thats must have? unless your a cod or rock band diehard that is...

morganfell3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I had the Prestige Edition paid thru Amazon and after this last round I cancelled my order. There are just too many great games coming this fall to help fund a company run by a pinhead.

evrfighter3212d ago

get a major gaming site on board and I'll take one for the team. If this happens I'll be wihout both MW2 or L4d2 this year...

Small price to pay if this means that the console crowd will FINALLY give someone the finger.

stevenhiggster3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

The sad fact is though that no matter what we 'hardcore' gamers say or do, we are sadly the vocal minority. The casual gamers and kids will still snap up MW2 and whatever guitar hero comes out, and Kotick will still be the one smiling while we all get the shaft!
I'd love to wipe the smug grin off his face.

I personally have no intention of ever buying another Activision game.

beardtm3212d ago

Lets be fair here, games are costing more to make these days so a small increase in price is only fair.

Blu-ray on the other hand, the film is shot in HD, so they are actually doing more work to down sample it to standard definition, yet DVD is MUCH cheaper.

wheres the logic there?

50CALheadshot3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

hell torrent AAAAALLLLLLLLLL their multiplat bullcrap.

they wanna raise the prices in this economy?

We can play dirty too.

mw is nothing special. its really filler material if you own a pc and ps3. the cod series really hasnt changed much over the last decade, it would be utterly stupid for us as gamers to keep buying their yearly cookiecutter games which never push the shooter genre...

i rather give my money to devs like naughty dog and kojima, whom think outside of the bubble and continue to provide gamers with next gen titles which push the boundaries of our present games

erathaol3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

It doesn't help that many Developer's are running scared from the Modern Warfare 2 release date, which will allow Activision to easily claim the sales that other publishers aren't willing to fight for.

Poopface the 2nd3212d ago

most COD buyers are casual gamers who know nothing about the price raise. Activision will use this fact to their advantage to.

They raise the price in one region while keeping it the same in America and some other places. When they sell 10 million copies they can say the price hike worked even though most people had no idea and paid the regular price.

Before COD 4 the last activision game I bought was tony hawk 2 on dreamcast. I wont miss supporting them. The only way im going to get COD6 is used or if somewhere drops the price well below 60$.

I wish they tried to hike the price of every version everywhere, so that everyone would know. Then this might work.

Boody-Bandit3212d ago

estimates his consumers.
The only game I like from Activision is the COD series and I was already on the fence over MW2 but only because I wanted to go a different route this year and lean more towards racers to finish out 09. Now, even though I live in the US, I don't even have COD:MW2 on my radar any more.

A few of my friends are disgusted with Bobo and are also veering away from MW2. I'm sure guys like me wont make much of a difference but at least I know I am not a hypocrite. Gaming is an expensive hobby and if we let Aholes like this guy get away with it in one region he will soon try it in others. DLC and being nickle and dimed this generation has already worked my last nerve. If other devs and publishers follow suit with this guy I will find other things to do to occupy my free time.

I can always go back to building muscle cars or something.

murt19873212d ago

I'll sacrifice buying MW2 this Christmas and wait till January and buy it used.

These companies make millions in profit every year, I dont care if the cost of a Bluray disc is more to buy than a DVD, they still make a profit from us regardless.

I really hope some big site boycotts Activision if they do this.

Megaton3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I don't even own any of their games as it is, not even any of my PS2 games are theirs. I had CoD4, but I sold it cause it's a hackfest online. I don't do those music games, so Guitar Hero is meaningless to me, and honestly I couldn't even name anything else they've made besides Tony Hawk.

Screw em, and the horse they rode in on.

50CALheadshot3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

i had mw but sold it to my friend (who only knows how to play shooters) for cheap after i beat the campaign. thats how special that game was to me, i got rid of it in less than a week.

i however prefer to snipe the horse kotick rode on, and hopefully get two kills with 1 shot

whothedog3212d ago

boycotting this game will be easy as heck with all the other great games coming out.

tplarkin73212d ago

Firstly, it isn't wrong or evil to want high prices for products you sell.

Secondly, he can wish all the high prices he wants. The reality is that he has no control over the price. He can only charge the amount we are willing to pay. (The same is true for "big oil", too.)

3212d ago
fishd3212d ago

Shoot the mofo right in the a$$


I am in, boycott all the way !!

if...and its a BIG IF... if i do get it, it will be pre-owned. I don't care actually how much i pay (even if its £50). i am just not having my money go to activision

Xistan3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Pirate the 360 version MORE(even if you dont have a modded 360).
If only the PC version gets massively downloaded then it wont look good for other developers considering a pc version of their game, And that's not what we want either.

shingo3212d ago

why this kotick dude always looks like he's high on dope XD

menoyou3212d ago

I am boycotting them for sure. No more Activision games for me.

Elimin83212d ago

look at the insert and look at dude in the video... Anyway don't blame him they getting greedy over at Activision..

MAiKU3212d ago

There are other devious ways of screwing the company than not playing their games. And i'm sure you all know what i mean.

randomwiz3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I've switched to Rock Band. (its more fun to play with friends anyway)

I don't think the price raise was a big deal. People were angry because of Kotick's statement. If Kotick kept his mouth shut, this wouldn't be happening.

mastiffchild3212d ago

beardtm-we might well live in a world where the free market rules but sometimes companies abuse their consumers and this is one of those times and Acti are trying it on in a country very badly hit by current economic problems.

They've consistently done this to UK gamers with over the top prices for GH WT full band bundles going at nearly twice the US cost(which they bklamed on "different" tax un the UK but in a cost of over £100 we calculated that import/export duty plus VAT would account for less than £23 and that's without taking any US taxes into account)and they're doing it with DJH as well? Beggars belief and it's no shock that they're going to try and justify a worldwise hike by ripping off a market already used to paying more for their(activisions) products, is it?

Facy is that most COD players aren't core gamers, don't read either the gaming press or see it on the net so it's up to all of us to spread the word about this con. I've already started and though at first I felt tight on IW the truth happens to be that had they wanted to distance themselves from this stance Acti have taken they could have easily done so. Or what? Acti drop them? Hardly likely when they're their best dev(or dev they publish)these days is it?

So in this case the right thing, even if noone else does it is to take a stand. We've not done it nearly ewnogh this gen and keep getting the shaftings for our lack of unity and, so, if you guys n the US and Canada start getting the same prices as us Brits I can assure you it will NOT be because I didn't try to get everyone I know on board-it's up to 21 atm and I'll convince more as when I tell 'em people are both shocked and disgusted.

cmrbe3212d ago

boycott it won't do much to Acti sadly. Its worth a try though. I am not buying any Acti games as well.

kunit22c3212d ago

And even more proof that they are greedy is the fact that they are making a port of the original Modern Warfare for Wii, and the published Transformers revenge of the fallen.

Polluted3212d ago

Hooray! I'm close to the top!

Honestly, how many of these comments really needed to be replies to the first one? Look how far down the page the second comment is.

BrianC62343212d ago

This is why I laugh at people who cry over the price of the PS3. The price of the console is nothing compared to the price of games if you buy a lot of games. Anyone who can't afford a PS3 right now can't afford gaming. Kotick cries over the price of the PS3 yet he wants to increase game prices.

jerethdagryphon3212d ago

im in on the boycott
spread the word if mw2 can be sucessfully boycotted for even a few months they will suffer greatly

BattleAxe3212d ago

The only games I buy from Activision are CoD games, so they really don't have anything else much that I like anyway.

MagicAccent3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

First the milking of the Guitar Hero franchise(á la EA).
Then the PS3 "Threats".
Then the ridiculous lawsuit againt the Brütal Ledgend developers, trying to stop it from getting released.
And now this...

I wasn't even planning on getting any of their games.
But now I am going to pirate 'all' of them just out of spite.

I thought we were friends, Activision...
Way to go, Kotick, way to go...

EDIT: Guys, check this out. I found a newly started activision-boycott group on steam.
If we care anything about our pride and our hobby, stand tall and register. It worked for the L4D2 people, maybe it'll work for us.

Some_Guy3212d ago

We need a banner to create public awarness, something people can put on their signatures on different sites.

PS: Tell your friends :)

Sub4Dis3212d ago

the problem with that is that this generation has already seen a 20% hike in costs. from 50-60. and you think you can somehow justify an even bigger hike within 5 years after games were 50 for about 15 years? give me a break. and as for the argument of increased case you haven't noticed, but these call of duty games all look the same. They just keep basically making mods for the same engine. That doesn't cost as much as you think. i'm not saying the COD games are bad, but just as the guy in the video said, this is less about increased production costs, and much more about greed.

in my case though, i've essentially always been on an activision boycott. they never impressed me...sept for blizzard games, of course.

Delive3212d ago

I'll miss playing some of their games, but I can say that I have plenty to keep me occupied.

nnotdead3212d ago

i am going to do it, but they are still going to sell 10 million copies.

Polluted3212d ago

Wow. By the time this article reaches 1000 degrees we will have officially driven the second comment off the first page of comments.

Can we PLEASE get a new comment system on N4G? This is retarded. Comments after the first 5 replies shouldn't show up unless you click to expand them. That might stop everyone from needlessly replying to the first guy.

This is ridiculous.

evrfighter3212d ago

A simple poll "Will you Boycott MW2" could be enough to get some people's attention who don't follow gaming news.


thinking randomly about something else...God it's gonna irritate me when Adam Sessler tries to milk this topic for hits.

TrueStoryGuy3212d ago

As a matter of a fact, until I realized that they released "Guitar Hero III" and "Call Of Duty 5" I didn't even know Activision was still around. Just shows to you how much trust they put into new IPs. I won't buy a Activision game unless its a new IP and it's actually GOOD.

EA and Activision has managed to swap places on gamers' "Most Hated" List in a matter of days. Amazing.

Raz3212d ago

Mock Activision publicly and privately as money-loving cookie-cutter schlock-peddlers. Make a little 30-second YouTube cartoon about it - or just go on a rant. Like a meme, it'll spread.

Don't buy their stuff, either; but it's a two-pronged attack. Keep it up until the word 'Activision' is synonymous with greed and laziness.

Then watch their share prices plummet. XD

Viper73212d ago

Seriously if they still keep increasing game prices there will probably be trouble in some countries. The Game prices are already expensive as hell in some countries (65-75€ here).

That 5£ increase would probably increase that by 5-10€...

( But then again I am already importing 90% of my games from Uk and US because of the lower prices. I actually save like 20-40€ per game by doing this )

The Lazy One3211d ago

the pound is about half the value of what it was a couple years ago.

It makes no sense that games were even sold for 30 pounds in the first place.

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RememberThe3573212d ago

F*ck Activition. I'm renting MF2, and Wolfenstein. I can't stand the crap they're pulling.

The Killer3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

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i am playing COD4 now online for $0.00, [email protected] it Activision so i was already boycotting Activision hahahahahahaaha


kokdik, u remind me of tony blare!!! eff....

Morbius4203212d ago

your gayness is showing!

nostalgic_noob3211d ago

Lets Boycott Activision for good look at Kotiks Salary for 2008.
And he wants us to pay more for games that are already expensive as hell

Salary $899,560.00
Bonus $5,000,000.00
Other Annual Compensation $0.00
Long term incentive plan payout $0.00
Restricted stock awards $0.00
Security underlying options $0.00
All other compensation $10,750.00
Option awards $$5,959,994.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $3,079,798.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings
Total Compensation $14,950,102.00

tplarkin73211d ago

You all act like Modern Warefare 2 grows on trees. Activision and their developers have a great property that everybody wants. Other publishers release games at budget prices because they are not as good. Where's the praise for those publishers? Where's the "I will buy two and donate money, too!" comments for them?

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xztence3212d ago

Activision needs to be taught a lesson: You cant rip off your customers and brag about it.

I know I'll boycott them.
Like I always say, i'd rather have Bad Company 2 over Modern Warfare 2 any day.

ThatCanadianGuy3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Look at kotick's face..he even looks like a freakin rat..

gambare3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

without makeup

Raf1k13212d ago

I wish someone would smack that smile off his face.

Also, didn't the price rise by £10? It says £5 but the recommended retail price for a console game here is £45 and £35 for a PC game.
Retailers usually sell them at £40 and £30 though.

TheColbertinator3212d ago

Yeah I'll pick up Modern Warfare 2 used as well as any Guitar Hero games.Gamestop and Gamecrazy will see more money from me than usual