Gears of War Hidden Fronts Map Pack Hands-on Impressions

It's safe to say that Epic's first attempt at an, er, epic-style video game has been a smashing success. With seven-figure sales numbers and a huge multiplayer contingent still lingering around months after its release, it's easy to consider Gears of War the Xbox 360's golden child…at least until Halo 3 invades.

You didn't expect Microsoft and Epic to leave you hanging until Halo 3 or Gears of War 2, did you? Of course not. On Thursday, May 3, at 9 a.m. sharp, you'll be able to download the Hidden Fronts multiplayer map pack via Live Marketplace for a fresh GoW online experience. Yes, it'll set you back 800 Microsoft Points, but that's a small price to pay for four brand new COG/Locust skirmish fields.

A recent visit to Microsoft took an unexpected turn when TeamXbox was asked to partake in some Gears of War multiplayer matches. They figured this was a leisurely activity; you know, the kinds of things that programmers, testers and PR types do around noon instead of eating lunch. What they didn't realize was that the local multiplayer action was to take place solely on the Hidden Fronts maps-yeah, the ones that nobody outside of Microsoft had played yet.

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PS360PCROCKS4246d ago

awesome how much is 800 points though in american?

gta_cb4245d ago

not alot, just like in UK! i dunno if i am going to get it on the day, but i am loving the look of it! :P

Diselage4246d ago

Seeing this preview of the maps i've decided just to wait till their free. I don't really see how any of these maps are "must haves" to the point that i need to spend $10 on them.

Systematrix4246d ago

is worth it's weight in gold! I'm certainly going to buy it but I can definitely see how many people will wait until it's free. I'm an ultra-hardcore fan of Gears of War so i would've paid double for the maps. We've (me and friends) been waiting for these maps to drop since the first rumor of them hit the web, so we'll all be online this weekend with our new map packs tearing them up.