90° Post Factum: God of War II

Josh Rai writes: God of War II had a lot too live up to. The first God of War was a great success in every category. The sequel had to surpass God of War to be even considered equal. GoW2 definitely lived up to most people's expectations when it was released and many consider GoW2 to be the swan song of the PS2.

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pxpxp3268d ago

God of War was GREAT, God of War II was AMAZING, God of war III will be...

fishd3268d ago

2 games that I've been waiting for since the dawn of this gen,GOW 3 and Team ICO's new game,The last Guardian

2010 is going to be best year ever!!11

Enjoy two so-good-to-be-true screenshots!


vShinobi3268d ago

Eye's melt, brain explodes, fingers burst, body reanimates, kratos smiles.

kratos173268d ago

years of development can only mean gow3 will be one for the history books and will surpass the previous games in every way

Polluted3268d ago

I actually preferred the first one. GoW2 added a lot, but most of the additions were pretty weak like those Pegasus riding levels. Still, the game was bloody amazing. I bought my PS3 instead of a 360 specifically for GoW3. Who knew it would take so long.

Man, it's going to be EPIC.

Blaze9293268d ago

Same, I prefer God of War 1 over God of War 2. Dunno what it is but I just like the 1st game a hellavu lot more than I do the 2nd. God of War 2 was still sick and great as hell but something was just missing or changed that didnt allow me to enjoy it as much as the first.

red2tango3267d ago

maybe because of Jaffe not being involved? I guess that's my best bet but GOW3 is still going to be epic.

Blaze9293267d ago

ahhh that very would could be it. Forgot GOW2 had a new producer

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