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Wriggy3239d ago

A fisherman and an actress in multiplayer... I'm really intrigued.

Ziriux3239d ago

Oh yea, doesn't it sound like an amazing concept lol. I just hope the MP is as good as the sp in this game.

PixlSheX3239d ago

And i bet there will be a big daddy and a little sister. As ziriux said.. I really hope the MP is as good as the sp..

Ziriux3239d ago

Yea. To be honest with you though, I'm not sure how a little sister will work in MP unless it's a game mode to save the little sister from others trying to harvest her. I can see a Big Daddy as a character though, who wouldn't want to drill a person with a big daddy.

Jorrel563239d ago

As long as there aren't other competing retailers with different DLC I'm OK with this. But this pre-order exclusive trend is starting to get annoying. Either way, I planned on pre-ordering this anyhow. Guess it will just be with Gamestop.

Ziriux3239d ago

Yea it seems like that GameStop, is a bit worried of competition and is doing whatever it takes to get a customer to go their route. Best Buy is working on something great that I think may damper GameStop's sales.

Elven63239d ago

I might as well do so closer to launch, you pay $5 early and get extra in return, why not eh?

Saaking3239d ago

Bioshock 2 should focus on the single-player however I really want to know more about the multiplayer. I wonder how they'll do it.

Ziriux3239d ago

I have always thought about Plasmids in multiplayer, how cool would it be to send a flock of bees at your opponents and sting them to death or perhaps light them on fire or shoot lightning into the water to shock them. It does have a very interesting concept and idea, however I'm still skeptical, you guys remember Dark Sector, the same developer is doing the MP for Bioshock 2, so it's nothing to be happy about just yet.

Saaking3239d ago

Plasmids would be cool; however they have to make sure they're not too overpowered. I think they're talented enough to make it work though, so I'm looking forward to see what they do.

Sniper4303238d ago

darksector was decent O.o and obviously they should work harder having a great developer breathing down their necks

The Newt3239d ago

Lets hope its all the same DLC everywhere. I didnt even know Bioshock 2 was going to have multiplayer honestly. This should be interesting how it turns out.

Ziriux3239d ago

Did you ever get your hands on the first game? You must not be too much of a fan if you didn't know about 2 not having a mp.

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