Official Nintendo Magazine review scores

The latest Official Nintendo Magazine review scores have been released, which includes the world's first review of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

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knox3123d ago

good score, deserves it, the controls are making the first 2 games better

ChickeyCantor3123d ago

They should have put the trilogy out with prime 3 from the release of it. T_T
But i can't wait to play these 2 awesome games with the wii mote

JonnyBigBoss3123d ago

Metroid Prime eh? Cool stuff!

heroicjanitor3123d ago

Have never given a Nintendo game a bad score.

pianplay3123d ago

"Fake" a 94%.

Especially with a title like Metroid which imo deserves that score :)

heroicjanitor3123d ago

Wii play got a 91%. Wii sports got 90%. Animal Crossing let's go to the city got 90%.

Shnazzyone3122d ago

that prime trilogy is not worthy of an over 90 score?? Well.. guess i'm not taking game recommendations from you then. Since it appears you have absolutely no taste.

heroicjanitor3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

I just said that they aren't trustworthy when it comes to Nintendo games.

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fossilfern3123d ago

Personally looking forward to it myself i loved Prime 1 and liked 2 a lot. 3 was good but was far too linear you could tell they were trying to reach out for a larger audience

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The story is too old to be commented.