DiRT 2 to Feature 8 Player Online Racing

Koku Gamer writes: "DiRT 2 has been in the spotlight for more than 6 months, while we've been treated to many screenshots and videos of the singleplayer experience, not much is know about it's multiplayer component. Recently, Codemasters Ralph Fulton has revealed DiRT 2 will support up to eight players at once. Unlike it's other racing title Grid which supports up 12, DiRT 2 had a good reason to keep it at 8.

Ralph Fulton goes to say:"

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Wriggy3236d ago

Really looking forward to DiRT 2. The online play was poor in the predecessor, hopefully this will make up for it.

Ziriux3236d ago

Yea def. the Dirt franchise is my favorite racing game around, I love it. I will make sure I own all online.

DonCorneo3236d ago

flopza3 has 8 players only because that's all the crapbox can do and its graphics are not even that good. crapbox = weak.. LMAO

Ziriux3236d ago

I don't understand a Sony fanboys hate on Forza games, give the respect where it's do. It may not be as good as GT but it's a great game.

Icemael3235d ago

Online is cool, but does it have split-screen? A racing game without split-screen isn't a racing game that's worth buying, if you ask me.

Ziriux3235d ago

I believe the first one did, and I'm sure 2 will as well, it wouldn't make sense to take it out right when you added a nice multiplayer. One thing is, that this game is loved by many in the world and a lot of people would love to play it with their friends or relatives locally.

The Newt3235d ago

Never like Dirt to be honestly. Though this sounds cool I may give it a Rent. Though my racer of the year has to be Forza to I dont think Dirt will be able to take my love away from Forza.

Ziriux3235d ago

I'm sorry bro, as much as I like Forza games I must admit that the DiRT games, or Colin games are a ton more fun, you have music during races, their a lot more challenging and offer fun gameplay that seems less repetitive than Forza, that is because it has different environments and includes dirt, who doesn't like getting dirty with their favorite cars.

3235d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.