Forza Motorsport 3 Pre-Order Car and Collector's Edition Details

NextGen Player writes:

"New details were announced regarding a pre-order car and the Limited Collector's Edition version of the game."

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king dong33177d ago

seems pretty pointless to me. even though this is a day one for me.

@greywulf: no doubt you'll be in here trolling you really have nothing else to do?

Dareaver13175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Oh, he'll be here. There's no Forza or 360 related article he won't show his Trolling face at. And unfortunately, you might also see his usual supporters, that conveniently always say...."Grey is right."

It's so tired and lame, and i don't get it. Why bother, his comments aren't even constructive in the least. I understand constructive criticism, but his are just blatant attacks to try and convince fans of the games related to the article, that the game sucks or is not up to his expectations.

It's pathetic really....

Ahem... Back on topic. I already pre-ordered it, i hope i can change my pre-order to get this one Limited Edition one.... This is a day 1 purchase for me. I can't wait.... Forza 3 FTW.....

wicked3176d ago

your witty, haven't heard that one!

3176d ago
paulhunter3175d ago

I'm thinking of pre-ordering, although the bonus isn't all that great to be honest.