Gaming's Saturated Holidays: A Different Story of 2009 Delays

While some are bemoaning the list of games delayed to 2010, the 2009 release year is still looking exceptional. Perhaps the delays are more about business sense than failure?

GameVisions' latest editorial takes a look at how the current buzz of industry and financial problems pushing back some titles to 2010 may be a simple case of good business strategy during an already over-saturated Fall 2009 release schedule.

From the story:
"In a recent op-ed at IGN entitled Gaming's Unhappy Holidays, they lament the tidal wave of recent announcements from virtually all major publishers that a number of 2009 titles will be delayed until the first quarter of 2010. Indeed the announcements did come in a torrential flood of dismissals, delays, and re-scheduling, leaving more than one major publisher with virtually nothing but mini-games before the end of the year.

But does this really suggest the doom and gloom for the industry, the "grenade just waiting to roll back at your feet" they discussed? Could it actually possibly simply be good business strategy? Entertainment history is, of course, littered with examples of why this very strategy likely should have been employed when it was not. Does anyone remember that movie..."

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