Games That Should Have Been Great: Advent Rising

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at games that should have been great in their new series. The first issue looks at Advent Rising.

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Darren_y23238d ago

Another shocker of the industry, it's lucky that some little gems are saved.

rhood0223238d ago

I really like this game. If I would have known MS was not going to add it to the xbox originals backwards compatibility, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my original xbox.

Sure it had some game crashing flaws, but had this game been released on the PS3 or 360 patches could have fixed it right up. Hell, if Oblivion or Fallout would have released last gen, they would have been tore up in the reviews due to game crashing bugs.

Polluted3238d ago

Ideally they would have just cleaned them up before release instead of half-assing it and then patching later. As far as I can remember, Morrowind worked like a charm on the original Xbox...if you don't count the soul crushing load times.

rhood0223238d ago

Morrowind had the same bugs found in both of Bethesda's current gen releases--specifically the random crashes and freezes when you went from the menus to the game and general in-game bugs that would cause massive frame rate issues and/or out right crashes.

When it worked, it worked wonderfully. But sometimes you'd look at it funny and it would crash. The GOTY edition fixed a lot of the issues, but the first releases were f'ed up. They've gotten better with the full games this gen-but crashes and freezes have become a trademark with their games.

DLC, on the other hand....I rarely buy any of the major DLC of any Bethesda game within the first month or so of its release. The only exception was Mothership Zeta. I haven't even finished it yet because it keeps messing up in the "Robot Assembly" stage.

Apparently the game doesn't like it when I try to kill the aliens or drones after you blow up the assembly line.

PS3 man3238d ago

I really like how they had the million dolarr prize in that contest and then they had tyo change teh contest and give people some crappy prize. too funny. Great idea for a game, bad art style, and definitely the lead in to too human.

Awookie3238d ago

Their main advertising draw was that you could get 1 mill but never followed through that's all i remember about this game

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The story is too old to be commented.