Xbox Dashboard: New Features Revealed

"The mandatory Xbox LIVE service update on August 11, 2009 will add a couple of goodies to your dashboard, some of which bring it closer in line to PSN's HOME (i.e. buying digital versions of brand name clothing with real money to play dress-up with your virtual doll -- now there's something we've all been waiting for, right? <snicker>). Full feature listed below:"

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swingingape3243d ago

When are we getting larger friends list. How hard can it be man!

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

Hope they figure out something soon .

KoB4EMvPi3243d ago

100 is not enough.?
I rarely talk to everyone on my list.

I got like 5-10 people that i talk to on the regular bais

Sangria3243d ago

Be glad, i only have 4 friends and none of them talk or play with me. There's just that guy that keeps inviting me to see me dying in Gears of War 2.

cRaZyLeGs 933243d ago

The thing that says how long you've been a member is gonna suck. I've been a member since 2005 and on the website it says since march 2009.

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tinman_licks3243d ago

THey haven't updated the backwards compatability games in a while. I wonder if they officially abandoned that?

KionicWarlord2223243d ago

Microsoft has stopped putting xbox originals on xbox 360 .

Microsoft also said they have 1 more that will be on Xbox games on demand .

Polluted3243d ago

It's weird how they never put out Halo 2. I've never been a Halo guy, but I sort of feel like I should check out Halo 3 to see what all the hype is about. Thing is I'd like to run through the originals before I get into it. I would have it already if Halo 2 was on LIVE.

Kushan3243d ago

How many times do we need to keep seeing the same list of additional features before people start marking these as dupes?

clinker3243d ago

Just wait till August 18 and then you'll see, Sony is going to unleash the wooopasssssszzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

No_NaMe3243d ago

i would play it again!

Good old times!

caffman3243d ago

and it downloading is a lot quicker

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