It's Your Choice: A Look At Moral Decisions In Video Games

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at making moral decisions in video games and which games actually keep true on the promise of having the player make a tough moral decision.

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Gamoc3183d ago

It's not morality, it's purely in self interest. You make the decisions based on what you get out of them, not whether they're 'right' or 'wrong'.

Kamikaze83183d ago

Then what do you call choosing the council at the end of Mass Effect or choosing to save human lives and make sure that Sovereign is destroyed. You get nothing out of either of them. It changes the entire way the ME trilogy will be played.

Polluted3183d ago

@Gamoc: That may be true of some gamers. Personally I generally play a good guy on my first play through regardless of whether or not that's going to net me more credits. When I play a bad guy it's usually just a quick run through the game to see what may have been.

Armyless3183d ago

We play "games" in which we IDENTIFY with a character who may be contested with moral choices, and while the consequences may not be "real" (in the tangible sense) they are in-fact "real" to that character, and our personification of him. We can game with morality, in the same way that we game with physics, or hunting/gathering, or war... or love. We game because we are playfully toying with what it means to be human... and morality is fair game.

Go Gaming Giant3183d ago

he does have a point there lol

TheColbertinator3183d ago

I enjoy being a f***ing bastard in KOTOR,Mass Effect,Deus Ex,and Fable.Screw everybody I just want Cash/Gold/Credits/Gil so get the hell out of my way

Darren_y23183d ago

I think most games say we've got a choice system and all this and really they don't. It's a bunch of options made my the dev team to push the story they wanna tell rather than actually give the player the control and choice that they soo often advertise

Go Gaming Giant3183d ago

Honestly, I never have the heart to be a bad guy in these type's of games, I always play the good guy lol

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The story is too old to be commented.