First Picture: Uncharted 2 limited edition collectors box

That Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is available in October, we already knew also that the game would get a limited edition. But it we had not yet seen any pictures. But, we have the first ever picture of it!

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ape0073120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

can't wait for this game,gonna be a golden experince,everything,gfx,gamep lay,characters,cut scenes,shooting is much improved,intense and fluid and it looks to have an epic\intense pacing

I played the beta and it was pure GOLD

Cwalat3120d ago

Me is getting !

Sexiest collector's edition yet!

Jmlopezbr3119d ago

Yes! I hope the price isn't that much. Now I am glad I haven't preordered yet.

meepmoopmeep3119d ago

anyone know what it comes with?

SnuggleBandit3119d ago

ya i hope its not too much cause this game is definitely worth getting the CE for

jmd7493119d ago

at least a figurine or something... not just PSN stuff and a steel tin.
anyways, i can't freaking wait for the game to ship, already have my copy pre-ordered.

Christopher3119d ago

The game is out in a little over two months and I still can't buy this at C'mon Naughty Dog! I need this so I can cancel my standard edition pre-order :p

Traveler3119d ago

I don't care what comes with the collector's edition, I am getting it just to show support to Naughty Dog which in my opinion is the most talented group of developers in the industry today. Uncharted 2 is going to be so so good.

JL3119d ago

I absolutely cannot wait for this game. I very rarely ever buy collector's editions, but depending on what comes with this, I may end up buying the CE version of this game. Uncharted has to be my favorite game this gen so far so I wouldn't mind showing ND my support (as long as they actually pack something worthwhile with the CE).

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sunil3120d ago

any idea how much the collectors edition is gonna cost? I am leaning towards it... but it depends on the price

navyguy213119d ago

Does anyone know what comes in the CE?? Im gonna get it anyway though, i just wanna know. Good lord this game is gonna be awesome, im going to take my time playing it, and explore everything! :D

ThatCanadianGuy3119d ago

How the hell do you have 10 disagrees for that?
And devil hunter below has 7??

*Senses astounding jealously radiating from certain console owners...*

ultimolu3119d ago

There are some poor unfortunate souls on this site who prey on bubbles, track people they hate just to disagree with them and they hate on a piece of plastic.

I truly feel sorry for them. If you have to go so low as to do that to someone, then you have serious mental issues.

The_Devil_Hunter3120d ago

Ahh [email protected], now imma be broke, after the Batman Collectors Edition then this then MW2 prestige edition, [email protected], so much for new fighting gloves and soccer cleets.

Yokan3120d ago

For reals....ah the things in this.

3119d ago
likedamaster3119d ago

I'm in the same dilemma. I'm thinking 401k loan but wife'll kill me. I'm such a sucker for Collector's Editions.

Karum3119d ago

I seldom flame on this site buty ou deserve to be broke for buying that MW2 Prestige Edition.

If you want some NVG's, buy a proper pair.

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Rocky873120d ago

I'm still playing Uncharted. It's so sick on crushing. It makes such a lot of fun. I can't wait for this game. Thank god it has a multiplayer and from what I've seen it's pretty awesome!

Knightrid8083119d ago

Uncharted on crushing is unforgiving, I died a lot in parts where you had multiple waves of guys spawning which thankfully wasn't much but still, it was really tough. I enlisted help from my friends to help me get past areas where I was stuck lol. All the sweats and tears were worth it, I got my first platinum trophy at last.

meepmoopmeep3119d ago

crushing is awesome.

at first i thought it was impossible but it's pretty easy now
beaten it 5 times on that mode.

can't wait for the next one

gaffyh3119d ago

Yeah crushing is bad, but I think Elite in KZ2 is slightly harder.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213119d ago

crushing is easy as it is on hard in terminator salvation... not hard at all

Marceles3119d ago

To me, hard on Uncharted is harder than Crushing. On hard everyone stays back and throws grenades, but on crushing the enemies are so confident that they rush you which makes it easier to blind fire them all to death.

50CALheadshot3119d ago

visari is a m0t#3rfvcker!!!!

FVCK U visari, FVCK uto HELL!!

SevWolf3119d ago

@ gaffyh:..slightly harder? Elite was a fvcking b1tch in, dint get me wrong Crushing was hard...but Elite is just......way out of any Hard games

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