Square Enix Slides New Title into Trademark Office

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"When new trademarks pop up, people get excited. Even more so when the trademark is made by Square Enix, which is responsible for such major franchises, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and more. What does Square have in store for us now?"

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BigPete79783181d ago

Though I have lost a lot of faith in Square Enix, I still get excited and hope that their next titles will redeem themselves.

Sev3181d ago

I miss Squaresoft. Enix is like a disease that killed my favorite Publisher.

Lucreto3181d ago


The same as me. I used to fly the flag for SE but not this gen. I still have some hope that they will improve soon.

Marceles3181d ago

I never really flew the Square Enix flag. The only reason why I support them is because I know there's just a little bit of Squaresoft left in there. It's kinda like waiting for your evil child to get exorcised...right now Square Enix is possessed by some unimaginative and uninnovating cheap remake money-hungry demon.

gaffyh3181d ago

This sounds like the worst title ever, will probably end up being some WiiWare crap like usual.

GameGambits3180d ago

If it wasn't for The World Ends With You then SquareEnix would have nothing to be proud of, but damn that game is on another level of awesome.

I bet that game didn't sell like hot cakes either, but man oh man that shows somewhere in SquareEnix lies that Squaresoft quality beast.

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xztence3181d ago

probably a title from their western studio.

matt2005usaf3181d ago

hopefully they can turn all this around and be awesome again!

dopeboimagic923181d ago

I wonder what its all about...