Dead Space: Extraction staying away from strict co-op rules

According to John Calhoun, senior designer of Dead Space: Extraction, the game will not be following strict survival-horror rules. Instead, the team is taking a different approach.

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Campy da Camper3271d ago

Every great game of the genre seems to have jumped the shark. I like the "all alone, almost out of ammo, what the hell was that???" style of playing. Silent Hill, RE both great games and then BAM, action based took the foothold of true horror.

Anyone can make a moster jump out at you for a quick scare but the ambience setting, music score and subtle horror is what makes a game great.

I remember playing the Silent Hill for the first time and it took me 20 minutes to get the nerve to go into certain rooms. I would sit there, peek inside, try to "trick" the game by taking one step in then running out, hoping to trigger the creature and still be in the hall where there is, good times.

50CALheadshot3271d ago

no replay value........but an ok game nonetheless.

mirroredderorrim3271d ago

I want to believe the same can be said for movies. When was the last big horror release scary?

SHHC was not as atmospheric as I would have liked it, nor was it as much as the previous in the series, and it also fits the bill of games that have dumbed down scares.

I guess having seen most of the monsters being revealed through magazines and what-ever-else, has seemed to help brush aside any potential emotional attachment to the game.

I guess team Silent Hill were right to abandon the series, but I am always going to wonder how they could have ended it, that way no one can continue to F it up.

Chopkilla3270d ago

yeah, they really need to start making some better horror games. i bet two player horror games would be scary and fun if done properly. but i don't make games! so what do i know eh?