The games which will surely appear in 2009

InsideGamer writes: "Normally the fall period is the busiest time of the year in terms of game releases, but that tradition seems to be broken this year by the waterfall to messages of games to get back to the beginning of 2010."

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Cwalat3264d ago

Man, can't wait! Uncharted 2 !!!


-Mezzo-3264d ago

i get jelly legs every time i mention or think about it, can't wait.

-Mezzo-3264d ago

Correct Heading. The game which will surely appear in 2009 and will rule it.

Microsoft_Spokesman3264d ago

Games I might get in '09:

Arctic Edge
DiRT 2
AC: Blood Lines
Dragon Rising

Games I'm getting for sure:

CoD: MW2
AC 2
Ninja Gaiden
Gran Turismo
and of course, the almighty Uncharted 2: Among Thiefs.

GiantEnemyCrab3264d ago

Wow, that title could use some work. Who needs grammar in journalism anyway, it's over-rated.

On Topic: Looking forward to Uncharted 2, AC2, MW2 the most this fall.

jmare3264d ago

I guess you didn't see that it's translated?

Jmlopezbr3264d ago

I agree, but they don't have R&C:ACIT or MAG on there, two games I am also going to get

GiantEnemyCrab3264d ago

Yes, I did notice that. Not worth making much of a stink over but the title should at least be in proper English and was even reported giving the submitter the proper title to use.

The Hunter3264d ago

It is fixed now! I cant fix the translate text, but come on, just use common sense and you will understand which games will appear in 2009 (and 2010)

Ontopic: I look forward to: Batman, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 this fall :)

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Saaking3264d ago

Most games on delaybox got delayed to 2010. The bots were waiting all year only to have their precious games taken away, while we PS3 owners have been enjoying games all year.

LuHawk23264d ago

lol you thats a damn lie

Saaking3264d ago

how is it a lie? Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, SCC were all touted by the bots as destroying the PS3 during the holiday season and they were all delayed to 2010. How is that a lie?

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The story is too old to be commented.