Spielberg Resurrecting a Halo Movie?

If Spielberg lands a deal with Microsoft then a different fear arises. Will we get the Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark Steven, or the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Transformers Steven? Big budget effects with Spielberg on board are a given, but in the case of Halo, millions of Xbox 360 Halo game owners are looking for something deeper than what Michael Bay brought to Transformers.

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Ziriux3211d ago

Thank you for this juicy news.

morganfell3211d ago

Juicy? Yes. Good? No. Do you really want the guy that wrote the G.I Joe movie writing the HALO script? Have you seen that abortion of a movie that just opened?

XboxUltimateAlliance3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

For some reason Morganfail.... I didn't think you would be impressed.

Life's good when you're trying to decide between Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson, as who will Direct/Produce your movie. They are 110% the two I hoped would get the job. There's no one better for an Epic Halo movie, that will have such massive scale, than Speilberg.

king dong33211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

morganfell is just upset because he didn't have the inside knowledge of it like he has in this thread

read his reply, then scroll down to my second post and click the links to get an insight into just how much insider knowledge morganfell really gets/has.. this guy knows everything!!

anyway, a speilberg big budget halo lovie would be incredible me thinks. i would like to see this happen

Bnet3433211d ago

At this point, I'd be happy if the movie even gets a release date.

gaffyh3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Oh God, Spielberg used to know how to make good movies, then I saw Indy 4, which is by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I've never wanted to fall asleep in the cinema, but I was damn close when watching this movie.

I don't have high hopes for this movie except if it's being done with another director. D.J. Caruso tends to make good movies with Spielberg

iagainsti1203210d ago

Indiana Jones 4 was George Lucas' fault, i hope he puts as much effort into this as he did in the movie A.I. because that would be awesome. The only Lucas involment i want is his ILM studio doing the SFX and props and sets

shadow27973210d ago

It's true, I'm not sure why Spielberg gets flak for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but that was all George Lucas. Harrison Ford and Spielberg were both against the premise, but Lucas wouldn't budge.

I'm fairly certain most Halo fans don't want character development in their Halo movie though. They want fighting, action, and badass stunts. They want Master Chief to be a BAMF. I'd be surprised if most fans weren't happy with a Michael Bay-esque film considering that most people loved the first Transformers movie.

Plus, it's a videogame movie, expecting it to be good is rather optimistic.

mastiffchild3210d ago

Terrble, terrible news. While the games are great games thoe books are GODAWFUL and a waste for paper than could be used for Andrex.

Let's be straight here-ther story isn't really one that manages to shine ion the world of games, is it? Well, not in my book as it manages to be both apparently vacuous AND mystifyingly overcomplicated at the same time! But, seriously, if the story isn't one o the beeter one's in games just what is it going to look like in the movies compared to the greats on Sci Fi?

Jis because there may be a willing market does NOT mean the film made to serve said market will be watchable. The books certainly aren't and look like tosh next to even second div Sci fi writers like Orson Scott Card-I had the nmisfortune of a mate telling me I'd love the nooks if I liked the games and when I read one I was really disappointed with it and it's bargain basement BS-there was NOTHING either there or in any of the games that screamed "make a film" to me.

Nothing even average will come of this, trust me. Even the most hardy of Halo fans should be very scared as this will make the Resi film,s look like Apocalypse Now and Advent Children like Godfather 2.

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Ziriux3211d ago

I honestly don't know how I feel about Peter Jackson not doing the Halo movie, I love Peter Jacksons work, from Lord of the Rings he has been my favorite.

JonnyBadfinger3211d ago

Would rather Peter Jackson and Niel Blomkamp........ who by the way are just about to release a movie 'District 9'.

What a pitty, 'District 9' could have been the Halo movie. And it looks AWESOME

Spielberg doesnt seem to fit the position for the job, i mean has he ever played Halo? or read the books?

Elven63211d ago

Spielberg? NO NO NO! Both Lucas and Spielberg have fallen off the pedestal they made for themselves, I really don't trust any of them anymore.

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