Rumor: New PS3 Firmware Coming Soon Along With PS3 Slim Announcement

Could there be a PS3 Slim announcement and a PS3 FW Update during GamesCom?

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ape0073239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

are true,sony gonna nuke the world

slim 99.9% confirmed

FW update?? hope so and with gt 5(sony's biggest game),they gonna upper cut anyone on road

randomwiz3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

its just another firmware update... until they release some details, its not getting me excited. Although it has been a while since the last firmware update, so this could be big.

I wonder if this will be another one of the optional updates.

doctorstrange3239d ago

The firmware update brought backwards compatability and cross game chat, that with Slim + Price Cut + GT5 would be Epic.
Unlikely, but we can dream

Fishy Fingers3239d ago


This is based on a forum post, where even the author states.. "This is a guess........No inside information"

randomwiz3239d ago

And yet, this article has 9 approvals.

Do people even look at the article before they approve, or just the title?

Blaster_Master3239d ago

Its all speculation. Sony doesn't do things the way should be done. They might as well just release the slim on Easter or Valentines day or something considering they had E3 to makes these announcments, but yet they feel the need to announce important things that this article is mentioning. Personally I gave up on Sony's waiting game, not that I dont play on my ps3 alot or something. But it seems that they have their minds set on when and where, and usually its when we least expect it.

venomcarnage893239d ago

use your brain dude, why would they announce the slim/and or price cut at E3 when they would release it closer to the holiday season? who in their right mind would buy a ps3 between that time when it would be official that it will get a newer probably cheaper model in a few months? they would be shooting themselves in the foot and losing alot of sales during that time,its better to announce it and be able to release it within a week or two so people are excited and rush out to buy one.

also you say its sony's waiting game, how is it sony's? its not their fault every site on this earth is reporting rumors about the slim, they all speculate the release and the official unveiling and you are blaming sony for not announcing it yet, again i will state holiday season, who wants to release something huge during a slow part of the year when you can release it near the end of the year and get tons of holiday sales. trust me, if you least expect something big like this to release close Xmas then you need to get your brain checked

Blaster_Master3239d ago

Okay, I agree with the ps3 slim, but you cant tell me that we haven't been waiting for ages for simple things like cross game chat, getting Home, getting in game xmb, getting games only to wait months for them to have online issues fixed or refined.

Its cool though, im not hating, all I said is that I give up on playing the waiting game. I just wait till games have been out for awhile before I buy them unless a beta comes out and proves the online is working

Uncharted 2 beta actually showed me that its worth a day one purchase. But dont you tell me I need my head checked because I feel strongly about having to wait for game that I anticipate on getting. Its just my opinion, stop all the hate man.

venomcarnage893239d ago

i may have put it too bluntly, and for that i apologise, but my opinion still stands, and thats that it makes by far the most sense to release it near the holiday. it had nothing to do with game releases, ill say i cannot wait for uncharted 2 though, most wanted game all year ive been dying to get my hands on it, the waiting for it is pretty tough, but i dont call that much of a waiting game, mainly since its never been delayed

now i do agree we have been waiting far to long for cross game chat and all those features, practically every day i come on n4g hoping to see a new firmware update article, and as it can be frustrating how long its taking, it only seems so bad because of gaming sites posting rumors on the features too. it started with firmware 2.0 having in game xmb, it did not have it and everyone flipped out. and now the rumors cross game chat in 3.0 which might not be true(hopefully it is we really do need it) so as it may be a bit of a waiting game, it wouldnt be nearly as hard to deal with the waiting if it wasnt for the speculation articles that every "journalist" feels the need to write. the same goes for this ps3 slim, the wait wouldnt be anything if there wasnt 10 articles a day saying that it will be announced very soon.

McErono3239d ago

its gamesCOM not con guys...

ape0073239d ago

can't wait,lots of rumors,rumors everywhere

slim\price cut,fw update,new game by stardust HD developers

I hope we don't all get disappointed

xztence3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

though it would be nice indeed.

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