'True' Gaming Addict? MTV Wants You For 'Life'

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Are you totally addicted to gaming? Truth is, if you are reading this right now, video games are a major part of your life. If you want to show off your gaming addiction, and have it broadcast on TV for all to see, answer this ad in craigslist…"

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wolfehound223090d ago

lol I'm addicted to gaming, but not bad enough I need to go on TV.

Sk8boyP3090d ago

I play alot of games, but it's not like I start sweating and shaking when I can't play Gears. lol

zootang3090d ago

it looks like the TV show is gonna concentrate on all the negatives of gaming. I don't think the gaming industry needs some realty TV show stereotyping gamers.

Lifewish3090d ago

cannot stand MTV.. bunch of ass hats

dopeboimagic923090d ago

Haha, wow... Shouldn't they know better being a game "publisher"?

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