PS3 Owners Are Extremely Lucky and Unlucky (Part 1)

GamingOwl writes:

"Most PlayStation 3 owners are in awe with the line-up this year with titles like; MAG, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and titles coming out this month like Wolfenstein and Batman:Arkham Asylum (click here for our impressions) many more. Not only that, but PlayStation Home has been getting much better recently with all these new spaces and DLC. But this is a good thing, right?"

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Godmars2903235d ago

PS3 owners have a solid multimedia system that plays games which has been a lead earner for 3rd party devs, yet its treated like a redheaded stepchild - by a redheaded stepchild no less.

(yeah, I'm looking at you Kotick...)

euchreprof3235d ago

(or until the PS4 comes out)