Activision and Double Fine Settle their Slapfight

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"In the past months, Activision and Double Fine haven't exactly had the rosiest of relationships. Brutal Legend was dileberately dropped from Activision's lineup after Activision merged with Blizzard, and the title was left alone after an unsuccessful attempt to convert the property into a Guitar Hero game. Then, EA picked it up, and helped turn it into an anticipated title. And that's when the trouble started."

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Elvfam5113242d ago

Really Activision

You drop a title you think it was worthless now it's gaining recognition and now you wanted to delay it

talk about being greedy

mastiffchild3242d ago

I'll bet my life that Activision pulled out quicker than a condomless dude on Prom Night when the judge said their claim had no balls whatsoever!

I wonder what the settlement was. I can't see a hope of DF owing Scti anything and if Activision had to pay DF's costs I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Acti and Kotick can eff off and won't see a penny of my money until they stop being such tw4ta and I pray that I'm not alone in this as otherwise they'll just keep taking whatever they damn well can.

wolfehound223242d ago

Great news this game looks badass and I would hate to see it delayed.