Xbox 360 Three Red Lights hardware failures persist with Jasper Xbox 360; What is a consumer to do?

You may have heard there are more Xbox 360 retail units coming soon. Probably with it, you may also be hoping that Microsoft has finally figured out the Three Red Light failure, also known as Red Ring of Death (RROD). Don't count on it. If you thought the Xbox 360's problems were solved with the recent "Jasper" Xbox 360 unit (reduced power consumption 12.1 amp unit with 65nm CPU and 65nm GPU), they were not. Read on and see various RROD failures within the last week, including the recent "Jasper" Xbox 360.

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Megaton2934d ago

About to enter your 9th 360? When you're that much of a sucker, you don't have the right to complain anymore. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow.

rivithed2934d ago

I totally agree with you. I would label myself, and any consumer, as a sucker that would have to deal with this going into the 9th Xbox 360 system. Were it not for the reason that I try to keep up with all gaming platforms on the website, I would have been generous to stop using the Xbox 360 at RROD #5.

Megaton2934d ago

Well if it's business/website related, then you have an excuse. Any consumer going through more than a couple of these should be ashamed of themselves. You're just feeding the beast. (that goes for any and all companies who knowingly sell faulty products)

gintoki7772934d ago

i got a red ring 1 time and switched to ps3 I was lucky though because I bought a 360 when it was $400 so I had bestbuy's warranty went in gave in the 360 went to a shelf and walked out with a ps3

ultimatek12934d ago

this is ridiculus, i have read about 2 or 3 x360 deaths, that even i wonder why, cuz of the free warranty for RROD, but 8-9 death consoles, this article is totally fake written by a ps3 fanboy. I myself love MS, but to buy a system for a 2nd time and it fails me again, i would never buy it again even if its free.

ultimolu2934d ago

If you're going through a ninth console, then something is seriously wrong with you. If something breaks more than once, then it's your cue to stop getting it fixed.

Same goes for anything that breaks-not just a 360.

Winter47th2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I don't exactly like anybody putting it in, but I had 5 Xbox 360s, yeah, go ahead and call BS and scroll down to the next post. But I'm a gamer, and the PS3 didn't have games that interested me till two years down the line, so the only next-gen system that was worth it at the time was the 360., it was THE most unreliable pieace'a **** console I ever had. everytime I turn it on I play KNOWING that any second now it'll flash me. not fun, AT.ALL.

Thank god the PS3 now have some steam going and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

This'll sound untrue to some but there's a valid reason why I dislike the 360, not because I can't afford it since I have a PS3. Not because you have to pay for Live just to have their royal permission that you can play..well actually this's another reason. But because as a console quality itself. it's garbage.

And man. Don't even get me started on how many 360s RRODed on my friends.

Well you know what. I'll get started:
3 Elites.
5 Premiums.
2 Arcades.
1 Falcon Elite currently malfunctioning.

2Spock2934d ago

Not only did this guy ride the short bus to school, but they went ahead and gave him the bus to ride it anywhere he needs to go.

I mean i understand he didnt have to pay anything until his 7th console but still. To much of a headache to put up with that many times.

I_am_rushin2934d ago



randomwiz2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I'm on my second... first one rrod because I was just careless... still on my second one from 2007 because I really took care of it, and I also bought an intercooler which helps a lot.

To say your going to get your 9th 360, you must just be REALLY unlucky, or just an idiot.

Godmars2902934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Simple to say, hard to do when you've been paying $50 a year to build up your e-penis and awaiting for ODST.

MS knows you're hooked and treats you like the old time junkie you are. Why else are they charging $4 for a virtual shirt?

king dong32934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

nothing better than an rrod or why pay for live thread for them to nash their teeth in.

i'm not saying rrod doesn't exist or is acceptable, just that this sh!t is old, and i have already seen a few sony loyalists in here already. it amazes me how much time they put into something they hate....whats even more amazing is the fact they hate a game console.

luckily, my nov2005 premium is still going strong, and my aug2007 elite is having it also(although after extended playing my elite starts to get noisier.

my ps3 on the other hand is as quiet as quiet can be, and in all the hours that i've spent on it, it has only locked twice causing me to have to switch it off at the back. but sonys hardware is reknowned for quality

Boody-Bandit2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Obviously it's not old if it's still happening with their latest motherboard revision.

HammockGames2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Great games. Dodgy hardware.

I love playing on it. But paranoid that every time I press the power button the wrong lights will come on.

I think most of us here are enlightened enough on the topic to know that buying a 360 is a calculated risk. Whether or not it's worth it to deal with the potential headaches that come with hardware failure is really in the eye of the beholder (translation: are the games worth it or not?).

El_Colombiano2934d ago

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow"

Best. Quote. Ever!

indysurfn2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

This guy writing this "article" sounds like a fanboy with a keyboard. Come on 9 Times? Even the PS1 and PS2 where not that bad on breaking down. You lose credibility when you talk crap like that. I had 4 ps1 and 5 PS2 I guess that makes me a sucker, along with the majority of ps1 and ps2 owners. But at least we don't have to pay for a replacement with a xbox360, nor shipping cost.

Then he goes on to talk about them not changing a chipset that is not even OUT YET HELLO. Unless a fantoy is putting the machine in a cabinet with a space heater nine times is no possible. I still have my elite and it has NEVER fail or had any error with the abuse it has recieved including getting pulled over, and getting kicked.

Poopface the 2nd2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

and that she asks others with rrod to share their experience.

My 360 never had a problem and Ive left it on for over 10 hours with a game paused.

My old 360 that I sold to my friend got 1 red ring and he got it replaced(I told him it would break before I sold it to him especially if he kept it on the carpet like he did).

I got a 2 year warranty from BB and if it doesnt break within the 2 years, Ill break it myself to get a new one.

I wouldt keep going if I had that many, but maybe im just special, as ive never had any break on me.

EDIT-- ahhaahhaahha. If you dont believe me that ive never gotten RRoD then I dont believe you ever had a 360 unless you people put your GT in your profile. YEAH thats what I thought.

njr2934d ago

At this point they should just redesign the console instead of having all these code names for 360's that are supposed to fix the RROD, but don't.

Sibs2934d ago

Indy, just because you are lucky doesn't mean everybody is. Plus, why would he lie? He himself said he was a 360 fanboy for a time.

shovelbum2934d ago

Seriously? If anyone is on their ninth 360 then they are truly ignorant to the electronic world. Is he wrapping it in a parka and placing it in an oven during his gaming sessions? I have no doubt that RROD exists but I still have a launch version that works fine as well as an elite from a couple years back. I keep the elite on its side inside a cabinet (open face) with two 4" computer fans drawing air from the front. No issues whatsoever (I do the same for my Denon 2310) and I play some long gaming sessions on occasion. You sometimes need to be smarter than the piece of equipment you are using.

Information Minister2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Are you serious? None of Sony's systems ever had a 30% failure rate.

I had a PS1 for 6 years before I gave it away. Last time I heard it was still going strong. My 7 year old PS2 worked fine just this morning when I turned it on for another session of Persona 4. And I don't have to pray to the game gods everytime I press the power button on my launch 60gb PS3.

BTW why would you kick your 360? Was it Ikaruga?

chaosatom2934d ago

It's time to switch to a PS3 after someone goes through their 9th xbox.

leila012934d ago

So... this is where the Playstation fanboys hang out... Nice.

talltony2934d ago

So much for the rrod proof jasper chips. Their is no escaping the inevitable rrod unless you just say F it and get a ps3 of course.

Raoh2934d ago


bubbles for you

IdleLeeSiuLung2934d ago

That's funny, cause I have two Falcon's with heavy use and no problems. I have a friend that suffered RROD on a launch 360 a year ago, and bought a new one after selling the fixed one. He then later got disc read errors.

Another guy I know, bought a 360 and got the RROD as well, but this were all older machines.....

JokesOnYou2934d ago

I like how people can say "well its NOT fixed because its still happening"...yeah that makes a lot sense, I guess then we should expect none will break after the Jasper models= NO...where's the links of 360 forums filled with complaints like before? What did they all over a sudden all just not care anymore? pa please, anybody can write a blog with qoutes from 5 people about hardware failures and say that nothing has been done..we know ps3 is reliable and yet there are tons of reports with a few gamers saying there ps3 went ylod...its just easier to make it seem like the problem is still widespread because of 360's history. I have tons of friends and read lots about 360 hardware news and I haven't come across anything to suggest the failure rate is anywhere near what we saw up to 1 yr after launch....if I'm wrong I'd really like to see links.


jack_burt0n2934d ago

that is the cold harsh truth, imagine a gfx card with a failure rate like this, it would be taken off the market within a week. Yet after years they haven't fixed it that is NUTS.

Vip3r2934d ago

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow. "

I lol so much at that.


50CALheadshot2934d ago

only blind fools would support crap hardware like this. Im surprised the failing units have not started housefires.

my ps3 has been on for 24 hours at one point with movies and problems.

hell ive gamed for 4 hours, left and returned to see people still using the ps3 in my crib. AND you know what? I have never had a problem with it, or felt fear from turning it on.

Game13a13y2934d ago

so what if he's not really on his 9th? so you mean to tell me it is okay to be on his 5th then? any high tech electronics that break more than twice are pretty unacceptable already, let alone its coming from the richest company on earth, which they should have all the resources and specialties to make their product well you know, not break?

fishd2934d ago

you think 9 rroded 360 is too many?Then check this out:

The guy is on his 12th!!!! 360.

Check post #5 and #45,with factual evidence and everything!

GameForFame2934d ago