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Submitted by rivithed 2372d ago | news

Xbox 360 Three Red Lights hardware failures persist with Jasper Xbox 360; What is a consumer to do?

You may have heard there are more Xbox 360 retail units coming soon. Probably with it, you may also be hoping that Microsoft has finally figured out the Three Red Light failure, also known as Red Ring of Death (RROD). Don't count on it. If you thought the Xbox 360's problems were solved with the recent "Jasper" Xbox 360 unit (reduced power consumption 12.1 amp unit with 65nm CPU and 65nm GPU), they were not. Read on and see various RROD failures within the last week, including the recent "Jasper" Xbox 360. (Industry, Tech, Xbox 360)

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Megaton  +   2372d ago
About to enter your 9th 360? When you're that much of a sucker, you don't have the right to complain anymore. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow.
rivithed  +   2372d ago
If I had a choice...
I totally agree with you. I would label myself, and any consumer, as a sucker that would have to deal with this going into the 9th Xbox 360 system. Were it not for the reason that I try to keep up with all gaming platforms on the website, I would have been generous to stop using the Xbox 360 at RROD #5.
Megaton  +   2372d ago
Well if it's business/website related, then you have an excuse. Any consumer going through more than a couple of these should be ashamed of themselves. You're just feeding the beast. (that goes for any and all companies who knowingly sell faulty products)
gintoki777  +   2372d ago
i got a red ring 1 time and switched to ps3 I was lucky though because I bought a 360 when it was $400 so I had bestbuy's warranty went in gave in the 360 went to a shelf and walked out with a ps3
Maddens Raiders  +   2372d ago
Absoulutely -
ultimatek1  +   2372d ago
this is ridiculus, i have read about 2 or 3 x360 deaths, that even i wonder why, cuz of the free warranty for RROD, but 8-9 death consoles, this article is totally fake written by a ps3 fanboy. I myself love MS, but to buy a system for a 2nd time and it fails me again, i would never buy it again even if its free.
ultimolu  +   2372d ago
If you're going through a ninth console, then something is seriously wrong with you. If something breaks more than once, then it's your cue to stop getting it fixed.

Same goes for anything that breaks-not just a 360.
Winter47th  +   2372d ago
I don't exactly like anybody putting it in, but I had 5 Xbox 360s, yeah, go ahead and call BS and scroll down to the next post. But I'm a gamer, and the PS3 didn't have games that interested me till two years down the line, so the only next-gen system that was worth it at the time was the 360., it was THE most unreliable pieace'a **** console I ever had. everytime I turn it on I play KNOWING that any second now it'll flash me. not fun, AT.ALL.

Thank god the PS3 now have some steam going and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

This'll sound untrue to some but there's a valid reason why I dislike the 360, not because I can't afford it since I have a PS3. Not because you have to pay for Live just to have their royal permission that you can play..well actually this's another reason. But because as a console quality itself. it's garbage.

And man. Don't even get me started on how many 360s RRODed on my friends.

Well you know what. I'll get started:
3 Elites.
5 Premiums.
2 Arcades.
1 Falcon Elite currently malfunctioning.
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2Spock  +   2372d ago
Not only did this guy ride the short bus to school, but they went ahead and gave him the bus to ride it anywhere he needs to go.

I mean i understand he didnt have to pay anything until his 7th console but still. To much of a headache to put up with that many times.
I_am_rushin  +   2372d ago
What is a consumer to do?

randomwiz  +   2372d ago
I'm on my second... first one rrod because I was just careless... still on my second one from 2007 because I really took care of it, and I also bought an intercooler which helps a lot.

To say your going to get your 9th 360, you must just be REALLY unlucky, or just an idiot.
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Godmars290  +   2372d ago
Simple to say, hard to do when you've been paying $50 a year to build up your e-penis and awaiting for ODST.

MS knows you're hooked and treats you like the old time junkie you are. Why else are they charging $4 for a virtual shirt?
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king dong3  +   2372d ago
i can hear the collect sigh of relief from the sony fans
nothing better than an rrod or why pay for live thread for them to nash their teeth in.

i'm not saying rrod doesn't exist or is acceptable, just that this sh!t is old, and i have already seen a few sony loyalists in here already. it amazes me how much time they put into something they hate....whats even more amazing is the fact they hate a game console.

luckily, my nov2005 premium is still going strong, and my aug2007 elite is having it also(although after extended playing my elite starts to get noisier.

my ps3 on the other hand is as quiet as quiet can be, and in all the hours that i've spent on it, it has only locked twice causing me to have to switch it off at the back. but sonys hardware is reknowned for quality
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Boody-Bandit  +   2372d ago
1.12 King Dong 3 i'm not saying rrod doesn't exist or is acceptable, just that this sh!t is old,
Obviously it's not old if it's still happening with their latest motherboard revision.
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HammockGames  +   2372d ago
The summary on the xbox 360
Great games. Dodgy hardware.

I love playing on it. But paranoid that every time I press the power button the wrong lights will come on.

I think most of us here are enlightened enough on the topic to know that buying a 360 is a calculated risk. Whether or not it's worth it to deal with the potential headaches that come with hardware failure is really in the eye of the beholder (translation: are the games worth it or not?).
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El_Colombiano  +   2372d ago
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow"

Best. Quote. Ever!
indysurfn  +   2372d ago
Look at all these hypocrites that bought ps1 and ps2 which both had the same problem more often!
This guy writing this "article" sounds like a fanboy with a keyboard. Come on 9 Times? Even the PS1 and PS2 where not that bad on breaking down. You lose credibility when you talk crap like that. I had 4 ps1 and 5 PS2 I guess that makes me a sucker, along with the majority of ps1 and ps2 owners. But at least we don't have to pay for a replacement with a xbox360, nor shipping cost.

Then he goes on to talk about them not changing a chipset that is not even OUT YET HELLO. Unless a fantoy is putting the machine in a cabinet with a space heater nine times is no possible. I still have my elite and it has NEVER fail or had any error with the abuse it has recieved including getting pulled over, and getting kicked.
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Poopface the 2nd  +   2372d ago
intresting that its going to be their 9th
and that she asks others with rrod to share their experience.

My 360 never had a problem and Ive left it on for over 10 hours with a game paused.

My old 360 that I sold to my friend got 1 red ring and he got it replaced(I told him it would break before I sold it to him especially if he kept it on the carpet like he did).

I got a 2 year warranty from BB and if it doesnt break within the 2 years, Ill break it myself to get a new one.

I wouldt keep going if I had that many, but maybe im just special, as ive never had any break on me.

EDIT-- ahhaahhaahha. If you dont believe me that ive never gotten RRoD then I dont believe you ever had a 360 unless you people put your GT in your profile. YEAH thats what I thought.
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njr  +   2372d ago
At this point they should just redesign the console instead of having all these code names for 360's that are supposed to fix the RROD, but don't.
Sibs  +   2372d ago
Indy, just because you are lucky doesn't mean everybody is. Plus, why would he lie? He himself said he was a 360 fanboy for a time.
shovelbum  +   2372d ago
Seriously? If anyone is on their ninth 360 then they are truly ignorant to the electronic world. Is he wrapping it in a parka and placing it in an oven during his gaming sessions? I have no doubt that RROD exists but I still have a launch version that works fine as well as an elite from a couple years back. I keep the elite on its side inside a cabinet (open face) with two 4" computer fans drawing air from the front. No issues whatsoever (I do the same for my Denon 2310) and I play some long gaming sessions on occasion. You sometimes need to be smarter than the piece of equipment you are using.
Information Minister  +   2372d ago
@ 1.16
Are you serious? None of Sony's systems ever had a 30% failure rate.

I had a PS1 for 6 years before I gave it away. Last time I heard it was still going strong. My 7 year old PS2 worked fine just this morning when I turned it on for another session of Persona 4. And I don't have to pray to the game gods everytime I press the power button on my launch 60gb PS3.

BTW why would you kick your 360? Was it Ikaruga?
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chaosatom  +   2372d ago
It's time to switch to a PS3 after someone goes through their 9th xbox.
leila01  +   2372d ago
So... this is where the Playstation fanboys hang out... Nice.
talltony  +   2372d ago
So much for the rrod proof jasper chips. Their is no escaping the inevitable rrod unless you just say F it and get a ps3 of course.
Raoh  +   2372d ago
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow.

bubbles for you
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2372d ago
That's funny, cause I have two Falcon's with heavy use and no problems. I have a friend that suffered RROD on a launch 360 a year ago, and bought a new one after selling the fixed one. He then later got disc read errors.

Another guy I know, bought a 360 and got the RROD as well, but this were all older machines.....
JokesOnYou  +   2372d ago
yeah I know a guy who's on his 18th 360, riiiight...
I like how people can say "well its NOT fixed because its still happening"...yeah that makes a lot sense, I guess then we should expect none will break after the Jasper models= NO...where's the links of 360 forums filled with complaints like before? What did they all over a sudden all just not care anymore? pa please, anybody can write a blog with qoutes from 5 people about hardware failures and say that nothing has been done..we know ps3 is reliable and yet there are tons of reports with a few gamers saying there ps3 went ylod...its just easier to make it seem like the problem is still widespread because of 360's history. I have tons of friends and read lots about 360 hardware news and I haven't come across anything to suggest the failure rate is anywhere near what we saw up to 1 yr after launch....if I'm wrong I'd really like to see links.

jack_burt0n  +   2372d ago
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow.
that is the cold harsh truth, imagine a gfx card with a failure rate like this, it would be taken off the market within a week. Yet after years they haven't fixed it that is NUTS.
Vip3r  +   2372d ago
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 times, be gentle, and put it in slow. "

I lol so much at that.

50CALheadshot  +   2372d ago
im with xyphos
only blind fools would support crap hardware like this. Im surprised the failing units have not started housefires.

my ps3 has been on for 24 hours at one point with movies and problems.

hell ive gamed for 4 hours, left and returned to see people still using the ps3 in my crib. AND you know what? I have never had a problem with it, or felt fear from turning it on.
Game13a13y  +   2372d ago
all you people defending the 360 are quite ridiulous
so what if he's not really on his 9th? so you mean to tell me it is okay to be on his 5th then? any high tech electronics that break more than twice are pretty unacceptable already, let alone its coming from the richest company on earth, which they should have all the resources and specialties to make their product well you know, not break?
fishd  +   2372d ago
you think 9 rroded 360 is too many?Then check this out:

The guy is on his 12th!!!! 360.

Check post #5 and #45,with factual evidence and everything!
GameForFame  +   2372d ago
Surprise surprise
Traveler  +   2372d ago
I'm a big fan of the PS3 and it is my favorite console, but this isn't fair. You can't use a few anecdotal reports to claim that there is still a widespread problem with the newer 360 chipsets. I've heard far fewer reports since the new chipsets have come out and all the people I know who have purchased one have not had any problems yet.

I had the RROD with my 360 early on and I know how maddening it can be. It was also part of the reason that I came to like the PS3 better. All I am saying is let's be fair. This analysis wasn't fair.
kunit22c  +   2372d ago
Nine 360's... I would have gave up after either the first or second, I would just find this unacceptable, your console shouldn't break down because you play it! Thats just ridiculous! Microsoft should be REQUIRED to not sell anymore 360's until this problem is permanently fixed! I cant even believe people are still buying the 360. Right when RROD was found out they should have had a recall and should have fixed the problem, but noooo then Microsoft would loose some money and we just CANT have that. Also Microsoft has you pay for online for this faulty hardware! Microsoft is just trying to suck all the money out of your pockets arn't they? Also with what that guy said up there^ 4$ for a virtual T-Shirt! Just wow... Microsoft needs to get their act together and stop being so retarded!
Raz  +   2372d ago
Call me fanboy if you like, but...
If my PS3 failed on me more than twice, (still playing the launch 60g, btw) I would say "screw this crap" and go buy a Wii or PC.

I mean, f@ck brand loyalty. For my hard earned $, I want something that works.

Contrast that with people who are on their 5th console and still vehemently support it. It's like a battered wife who says "it's ok, we're in love" and keeps coming back for more abuse.

Sad. Really sad.
cmrbe  +   2372d ago
You people can defend it all you want
but the truth is i know seven people with x360 and all but 1 had at least 1 RROD with 9 people with PS3 and just 1 Blu-ray read failure.

The fact that most of you x360 fans have experience or know someone that has experienced one is just even more proof that this problem is huge and still happening.

For those that are bring up the PS2 don't be stupid. We all know the PS2 hardware problem was not nearly as bad as this RROD and it definitely didn't last for nearly 4 years and counting.

I have no idea why some of you are still defending this. Its beyond ridiculous now and MS should really have fixed this by now. The x360 hardware is the biggest joke in history.
Chimerhazzard  +   2372d ago
I can't believe how people continue to buy these things. There sure are a lot of folks with a lot patience, money, and dumbness. When I make a purchase, I want to get the most out of my money. Sure I could waste 299$ on a console that still uses DVD, has a 33% chance of RROD, has pay-to-play online, has pay-to-have wifi and only has 3 really good exclusives (Halo 3, Fable 2 and Gears2). Fortunatly I am not dumb enough to buy a console based on advertising alone, so I prefered to invest more 100 bucks and get myself a PS3, and I am happy with it so far. Great exclusives, awesome features (I love being able to use any plug-and-play USB controller I want), works great, free online, free wi-fi, blu-ray player. It puzzles me how the Xbox360 got so far... I guess it's due to all the advertising and the poor PS3 launch.
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morganfell  +   2372d ago
Since the 360 is so ultra reliable it remains a mystery why MS publically announced and threw away 1 billion dollars for warranty service on a non existent problem.

Not 1 million, (cue Dr Evil imitation) but rather 1 billion dollars.
NewZealander  +   2372d ago
it also comes down to how you look after the console, personally ive never had the red ring, not naturally at least, i forced my launch console to overheat so i could get updated parts.

i own two 360's and have had no real problems, but i keep the console clear from other devices and it has room to breath.

my friend got a 360 last week and hes got it behind glass in a small space with a HDTV decoder sitting on top of it, i tried to tell him hes going to kill it but he didnt listen, so im ready with the "i told you so)'s.

that kind of punishment would eventually kill any device, the PS3 having a curved top was a smart move, stops all the idiots that think consoles should be a stacking system like my friend.
morganfell  +   2372d ago
^^^^I completely disagree. And so will a great many other people. I have always, ALWAYS had my 360's in a well ventilated location and the RROD persists. Are there people that have blocked them into a hole. Yes. But plenty of people have done everything but strap their 360 to an aircraft propeller and RROD still comes calling.
Headshot81  +   2372d ago
This is ridiculous!
This is coming from the heart to all 360 owners. Which ever xbox your on(1,2nd,3rd...or which ever) if it breaks down on you one more time, tell MS TO GO F@CK THEMSELFS, send it in one last time and get a working one back. Sell to a stranger or trade it for money , use the cash to buy another gamming system (wii,pc,ps3). Even Ps3 is having a price drop, trade that sh!t in before the new 360 drops price aswell, that way you get the most out of your hardware/software. It has nearly the same games, but the ps3 works! DON'T KEEP BUYING XBOX SH!T SINCE THEY HAVEN'T FIXED THE DAMN THING!. I dont mean to disrespect anyone who has a 360, but that sh!!! just happened to my friend and that isn't cool,god bless him,he saved up for months, and during a recession, to waste on 300dollar hardware w/ constant errors ! it just pisses me off to see a company take advantage of comsumers, let alone someone that i consider family!, GO F@CK YOURSELF MS!
jke82  +   2371d ago
its just a big conspiracy by Microsoft you know put out short term shoddy hardware then when the next console cycle ramps up everyone will be chomping at the bit for a new xbox since most of the fanbase xboxes are burning up and malfunctioning like mad and then BOOM instant sales gains........seems to work wonders for their windows department why not apply it to the gaming division..........
KRUSSIDULL  +   2371d ago
Messina II  +   2371d ago
I stopped...
letting M$ buttrape me after my third unit. Makes me wonder; is it inbreeding that causes the retardation that makes a person continue to support a company that does not care about their own products? Or maybe it's drugs.
pixelsword  +   2371d ago
As a famous person once said
... (joking).

Related video
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pain777pas  +   2371d ago
AMEN, to the first comment. That is the primary reason why I jumped off the 360 bandwagon and I will only invest or turn on the thing when ME2 comes out.
edgeofblade  +   2370d ago
Xbox breaks. Microsoft fixes it. FOR FREE.

Seriously. How ungrateful do you have to be to reject a FREE repair on principle?

Now, if Microsoft STOPS fixing my 360 for free, I'll be livid.

And sure... you can say Microsoft "threw away" $1 billion on a warranty... or you can guess how much Microsoft would lose on a class-action suit. Potentially much more. Either way, MS took measures to deal with the current problem, but I still don't think it's right how it hasn't been fixed in subsequent models.
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KionicWarlord222  +   2372d ago
8 xbox 360`s ? wow...
ape007  +   2372d ago
yeah I know people who suffered
that's a big problem in the 360,that could easly make for a stronger ps3 install base,u know that every ps3 sold have 0.1% chance to get broken

and.......I FKN HATE E74
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HammockGames  +   2372d ago
Makes you wonder...
... how many people are caught in the cycle of getting refurbished 360's that have already had the RRoD and therefore are more prone to getting it again? Microsoft probably has a considerable stockpile of old systems still sitting around that they simply keep repairing and sending back out (only to return again). So I could see how it would be a very hard cycle to break out of once you're in it.

Definitely would suck, especially since all that gamers really want to do is play the games they paid good money for.
50CALheadshot  +   2372d ago
these guys switch up rrod 360s like i switch up my air jordans
VEEEEEERY frequently
Nelson M  +   2372d ago
This Dumb BoT
Has had 8 RRoD's
Hell that more RRoD's than the 3Shitsty has Exclusive's
You BoTs are a Gullible Breed
Chubear  +   2372d ago
EXCLUSIVE to the beta-box-please-fix-me.
air1  +   2372d ago
says the guy that payed to fix 4 ps2's and still got a ps3 at launch..
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Anon1974  +   2372d ago
It took me till my 4th unit before I learned my lesson.
I love my Xbox 360, and it's great the Microsoft extended the warranty but I would have rather they fixed the problem. What's the point of buying the bulk of your library on a system you can't rely on. I still play my 360 occassionally, but I mainly game on one of my PS3's now simply because I know I can rely on them.

It's certainly nothing against the 360's games. It's got plenty of must play titles for me, but the game can be the best game in the world and it won't matter if your system won't play it.
Winter47th  +   2372d ago
You get what you pay for *rolleyes*
JonnyBadfinger  +   2372d ago
@ Nelson M
Ill stick by the 360 to the bitter end

mines yet to break, and Ive had it since launch. Is time against me...... maybe but as of right now i dont care.

And Nelson M has kinda really steered me away from a purchase of the PS3, his childish reasonings and comments show me what the PSN and Home would be like, and i feel sorry for every other PS3 owner who agree with you and must talk to you on a daily basis.

and Nelson M has testicular cancer in the throat............ Thats right i can be childish too
Nelson M  +   2372d ago
Go Hump Somebody else's Leg Mutt Face
You Bought an Xbox
Your Gonna get RRoD
You've No Games to play this year
Your the one who is Frustrated and it Shows
Thy Silly Little BoT
saimcheeda  +   2372d ago
stupid bot uses the same insult everytime!:P
#3.7 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
saimcheeda  +   2372d ago
i think
f@ggybotfinger may be more suitable! :P
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2372d ago
And the PS3 is still losing the console war, still losing money, still losing exclusives, still losing to Live, still losing multiplats and PS3 owners are still not buying games.

Funny how the RROD console is killing the PS3, reminds me of the PS2 disc read error and it still won the war. Poor droids, one AAA game all year, nothing to play and still in 3rd/last.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2372d ago
Let's wait until more than one of the "Jasper" units fail before saying it has a problem. No electronic device gets a 100% success rate, including the PS3. PS2s weren't exactly the most reliable machine either. Maybe the number 2 is a curse for both MS and Sony. They have both had hardware problems with their second console.
likedamaster  +   2372d ago
lol. Nelson, you silly, silly droid.
-MD-  +   2372d ago
I'm still using a launch console.

Haven't even tried a falcon or jasper yet.
saimcheeda  +   2371d ago
@the tool who says xbox 360 is winning
its because of the lower price!...and the disc read error was nothing in front of the RROD...and try to say something other than droids allt he time idiot
Gue1  +   2371d ago
Then you're one of the few @Murderfail...
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Upbeat  +   2361d ago
its a pitty really that there is only one solution for the RROD, and u all know what that is :D

A Playstation 3
Cajun Chicken  +   2372d ago
Seriously. You should have the maximum of TWO broken consoles, not that many, I wouldn't persist that much. How long do these people play on them for crying out loud?

I had two Playstations (lazer replaced in old one, counts as two to me), My PS2 still works, Two Dreamcasts, My XBOX is nearly dead (has problems reading drives) and the 360 and PS3 are fine so far. Knock on wood.
#4 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rivithed  +   2372d ago
Playing time
My playing time before 8th Xbox 360 died was 2 minutes after being off all day. Believe it or not, playing time is not relative to the Xbox 360's RROD. Most of the ones that died were played less that 1/2 hour before breaking. It's extremely frustrating and I'm hoping to share this story to spread awareness on the problem. As a consumer, I would have quit supporting the platform. Because I try to keep balanced coverage on the website, I try to keep a working Xbox 360 around to keep up with the games and releases on the platform. Where there are multi-platform games, I'm going with the PS3 just because it is more reliable hardware for me. I just hope gamers that are looking for a fun time with a gaming system don't feed into the Xbox 360 failures.
morganfell  +   2372d ago
I understand exactly with what you are dealing. I had a launch 360 Pro that died in month 14. Sent it back, got a replacement...way too long in returning.

Dead right out of the box.

Sent it back, got a refurb and a few months of play and it died. Then traded that in for a HALO edition that came new with a play and charge kit. A play and charge kit that was dead right out of the box.

I had that 360 for just over a year and it died.

That's it. If this one goes, forget it. A third of all the Live titles and DLC I purchased still do not work due to DRM issues. The tool didn't fix everything. The tool itself was so late in being provided by MS that the Live titles no longer had a multiplayer audience so that money was pissed away too.

All together I lost 3 months of Live time and MS reimbursed me for 1 month.
#4.2 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Johnny Rotten  +   2372d ago
I'm on my 4th and soon to be 5th(the screen turns purple and freezes) and I still don't have one with an HDMI cable... Surprisingly though I've never had the RROD, I had two disk drives crap out on me and my launch system died a month after buying it because the graphics card fried. All were covered by the extended warranty btw.

On a side note I'm still sporting the original 60 gb PS3 almost 2 years after it's warranty expired!
#5 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ActionBastard  +   2372d ago
Did anyone really think Jasper was going to fix it? *SHOCK* The 360 is too much like a game of Russian roulette. Maybe it'll work? Maybe it won't scratch discs? Maybe I won't get E74? It's trash. I'll stick to my PS3 and Wii.
KionicWarlord222  +   2372d ago
I dont have scratched discs and never had rrod .

I must be special .
ShabzS  +   2372d ago
i'm on my second ... launch model died after disc read errors and now i have a jasper unit ... but going for a ninth one is crazy talk
Raoh  +   2372d ago
Russian Roulette is truly the best way to describe it.

i bought mine in spring 2007, disc issues in 3 months, replaced, disc issues again and over heating.. replaced.. loud and hot traded it in.

a few friends bought at launch a few after me and they were plagued with issues too.

And yet, i have now 2 friends that i know of that have had a launch 360 and not only do they run smoothly they have also not been that loud..

can't explain it any other way except luck of the draw when purchasing.

I traded my old one in for a new arcade model. so far so good. but i cross my fingers, do a sign of the cross and say a little prayer every time i turn it on.
TheTwelve  +   2372d ago
What will a consumer do? Well...
...stupid consumers just keep getting another one.

RealityCheck  +   2372d ago
I agree, to keep buying replacements is just rewarding bad behavior. I'm on my 5th 360 but I sent it back 4 times under warranty. Once this latest refurbished dies and if they tell me the warranty doesn't apply anymore, it will be the end of the line for that console for me.

If I get bad service at a restaurant or a store, I take my business elsewhere. If I buy a car or an appliance with poor reliability, I go and buy from another brand next time. It's just common sense.
IcyJoker187  +   2372d ago
bu bu bu the falcon chip!
ultimolu  +   2372d ago
More like a Falcon Flop. -_-

You'd think this problem would be fixed by now.
Etseix  +   2372d ago
wut to do....
hide! this thing is gona blow! D:
NeptuneMerc  +   2372d ago
Hard to really believe some of these stories to be honest.
rivithed  +   2372d ago
Not just a story...
I agree that it's hard to believe. What I'm sharing is what has happened to me as a fact. Anything over a couple of repairs are unacceptable. Especially when you're dealing with the same issue. I don't expect Microsoft to disclose a number on what percent of failures there are, but I'm sure it's no where near 3-4% that they've claimed. I'm hoping you really stick up for your rights as a consumer and hopefully propose something to do about it as a Xbox 360 customer.
creamydingle  +   2372d ago
I agree hard to believe some of the stories 9 times but then I know six real life friends (not online friends never met) who have 360s including myself and we have all had rrod twice except 1 friend who has had it 4 times so it does seem a bit hard to believe 9 times but not impossible.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2372d ago
Some might be false, but this one is most likely true. I know a casual gamer on his third, and a moderately hardcore gamer on his fifth. Nine isn't totally impossible, and I'd be willing to go as far as to say that this journalist isn't the only one.
CrayzeeCarl  +   2372d ago
stop buying them? O.O
kunit22c  +   2372d ago
You would have to be a pretty ignorant 360 fanboy to disagree with this statement.
Omega4 did you disagree with him?

#10.1 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeptuneMerc  +   2372d ago
I really find it hard to believe some of these stories.
BreakNeckSpeed  +   2372d ago
Wonder why you got so many disagrees. Its not like you said anything wrong. I find some of these stories hard to believe my self.

Whatever makes them assholes sleep at night.... Their just insecure nerds with social problems.
keysy420  +   2372d ago
why do you find this hard to believe
mS has come out and said that thier is a prolbem and have spent billions to try to fix the problem. they knowingly put out a defective system. the 360 has all types of hardware flaws. its why you dont buy products from m$ really cheap to make expensive to own even the zune has a monthly fee
air1  +   2372d ago
@ above

sony fanatics will just never let it go..
#12 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
Model  +   2372d ago
angry much ? be angry at M$
air1  +   2372d ago
"angry much"

uuhh, no? * as i turn on my 360 to play mass effect* nice! mine is working!

have to get my story together for me2..

kz2 ftw!!! ppfff...

yup an 08 game, the horrible images that must be going through your head lol... *gasp* "bu but kz2" delimine says. what abut it!?

then maybe i'll brush up the skills in ng2, then maybe i'll kick my wifes brother as$ in fn4 online on ps3, the ill finish off with resistance2, a much better game than kz2.... and last weekend i got tools of destruction but the damn game is boring if im angry about anything its that..
#12.2 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Mo0eY  +   2372d ago
Either he stealth edited and made you look like a dumb@ss with the KZ2 announcement, or you assumed he was going to say something, and you made yourself look like a dumb@ss. Regardless, you're still a dumb@ss.
FFXI101  +   2372d ago
sony fanatics will just never let it go..
Right, the xbox fan why did you bother to reply and bashing the PS3 game then??
gamfreak  +   2372d ago
To all SONY
fanboy including me, no point reasoning with delusional bots, they wouldn't listen to any one of you, just laugh at their face like i did everytime M$ console went wrong.LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
krauler  +   2372d ago
sounds simple
when you shut it off, the fans go off. The heat is still in there doing its damage. If you have a long session, it won't fail until shortly after the next time you turn it on.
It could also be thermal breakdown from it being on, off, on, off alot. It's probably better for it to stay on all the time.
Omega4  +   2372d ago
I think the 360 is the only console people are actually willing to go through the trouble to get it repaired multiple times, its just that good
ultimolu  +   2372d ago
So basically you're saying that it's good for people to ignore common sense just because a console is *that good*?

I don't give a damn how good something is. If it's unreliable, then it's unreliable.

That's why I didn't buy the 360 during Christmas. I had a feeling not even the Jaspers would fix this problem.

Kionic: Ah, but I bet that if someone's PS3 broke down, it'll be news, right? How long has this RROD issue been going on?
#15.1 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
OmarJA  +   2372d ago
More like dumb people...

Like you.
KionicWarlord222  +   2372d ago
It`s actually funny that the main thing about article is talking about one person`s console being defective .

And this is news...
table  +   2372d ago
lol, is there anything that you don't attempt to spin omega4?

omega... you sound like one of the a**holes high up at microsoft blaming the consumer for the console breaking. There is no excuse, but thankfully most people are covered so it is more of a nuisance than anything. If they keep breaking further down the line I can however see alot of unhappy customers. Lets just hope that the problem gets(is) genuinely fixed.
#15.4 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2372d ago
Well the fact that there are people who have had 360 which have yet to break proves that the console isnt destined to break. The reason some peoples 360 continuously break is probably due to the environment they are kept in rather the the console.

But since its free to get fixed I dont see why anyone complains.

Edit: @ stewgart
Im not spinning Im just stating the true meaning behind the article :)
#15.5 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
KionicWarlord222  +   2372d ago
No .

Your making presumed judgment .

This really isn't news even if there ps3 ylod was a article it`s not
" NEW "
tripewire  +   2372d ago
"Well the fact that there are people who have had 360 which have yet to break proves that the console isnt destined to break. The reason some peoples 360 continuously break is probably due to the environment they are kept in rather the the console.

But since its free to get fixed I dont see why anyone complains"


So much fail right there
Ghost-Face  +   2372d ago
@ Omega4
I don't post too often but I come on here everyday and I read all the comments on most of the hotter topics. I'm now convinced that you're an employee of Microsoft, there's noway someone could be that moronic, It's simply not possible.
#15.8 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2372d ago
Sure it is Kionic, sure it is.

As long as Microsoft continues to fail in fully fixing the RROD, I will not a) buy a 360, and I will keep bringing it up until it's fixed.

If this was the PS3, there would be non-stop reports on this. Stop defending this problem and use your God-given common sense.

And Omega...seriously, what? I don't care if you get it fixed for free. Does that mean Microsoft shouldn't fix the problem because consoles get fixed for free? They didn't have a choice you know. They could have gotten sued if they didn't do that.
#15.9 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DonCorneo  +   2372d ago
nah, they just don't have a choice
tweens (aka majority of xbox owners) do not have enough money to buy a better consoles. then, their moms do not have the budget to buy them another one, so they are stuck with the warranty replacement.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2372d ago
Hope I'm not jinxing myself but.. I've had a jasper 360 since January that hasn't given me a problem. My launch system lasted almost 2 years before it gave me my first RROD... then the DVD drive stopped working... then another RROD so I sold it for the price of a 360 arcade (kept my hard drive and wireless controllers) and bought the Jasper.
Fishy Fingers  +   2372d ago
You sold your console, minus the HDD and wireless pads for the same price as an Arcade. You'd have to be a sucker to buy that.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2372d ago
Same thing I thought when I got the response on Craigslist lol.. but hey, he must've fixed it, and modded it or something. But I didn't ask any questions
stonecold3  +   2372d ago
my sister
was going to buy an xbox 360 but i told her all the problems it had and been with the 33/ faulire problem with the system and she decided not to buy it as my older sister want the nintendo wii no thanks gamecube im happy with my ps3 best system this gen so far and with final fantasy 13 coming out in japan gt5 coming out later in 09 and price drop its going to be the best time for us ps3 fans and uncharted 2 cant wait
keysy420  +   2372d ago
ive had 14 systems
i should file a law suit as a matter of fact im going to talk to a lawyer
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2372d ago
4th 360 here, been working for almost 2 years but I bought my first one 3 years ago meaning I am out of warranty :(
bujasem_89  +   2372d ago
THE falcon is nothing
i have a MAD 360 Xbot as a friend, he still doesent see that the PS3 is just the superior console, i mean 2 360's died on him,

so he got the elite falcon , praising it he was , playing it carefully he was , totally sure that it was RROD free he was , then came the second month and BOOM BOOM BOOM RROD.

I guess ignorant ppl will always remain ignorant and stupid because now he has an arcade 360 god only knows how long it will last, a nano second mayb 2 lol XD.
#20 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Boty  +   2372d ago
I have a friend who is the same way....
Except that he don't have to buy the 360 and the Live Subscription. His Parents do. Hes been through 5 Xbox 360's and don't seem to think the 5 is a lot for broken consoles. He still thinks the PS3 has no games and that Live is "BETTERZ".
xztence  +   2372d ago
Stop denying it.
The RROD is a reality and is still a problem even with the newer 360's.
Smart consumers will want to weigh in on the fact that it might die on you a few times so take that in consideration when you buy one.

For very smart consumers a ps3 is certainly advised.

Lastly, as always you get what you pay for...
#21 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Etseix  +   2372d ago
thats why the Xbox 360's HARDWARE, made of it the WORST gameing CONSOLE of this GENERATION.

hardware, not SOFTWARE, but i guess some people are stupid enough that they dont see the difference. =/
souljah  +   2371d ago
let`s say it together now : ALL USA LADS ARE SO PHACKIN STUPID. GO ON NOW , CHOP CHOP , TELL YOUR MOMMY TO BUY A NEW XBOX , BECAUSE IT`S THE BEST CONSOLE OUT THERE. no wonder how m$$$$ makes so much money.
keysy420  +   2372d ago
i loved my 360
till it broke over and over and over and over and over and over etc aging then i finally said fuk it got a ps3 and its been smooth sailing now im selling my 360 to get a psp go it s a come up and ill only have to buy one
table  +   2372d ago
It's quite disconcerting how we all laugh and joke about the RROD as though it is just something trivial, expected and acceptable when it is infact a serious f-up by microsoft. They should be made to pay for this serious blunder. I also find it absurd that they twist this problem to make the consumer culpable.
#23 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
pippoppow  +   2372d ago
It's just ust the 360 fanatics that think the warranty solves the issue just fine and that multiple defects are to be blamed on the consumer for abuse. They also defend paying for a service that should be free, like the service wouldn't be as good if there was no fee. MS has done a wonder marketing job with the 360 and with the help of various publications defusing the RROD debacle and downplaying it's other faults. I could only imagine the backlash if the problems the 360 had inflicted the PS3 or Wii and was dealt with in a similar fashion. Unless MS redesigns the 360 then the problems will persist and since they still persist, even if at a lower number then they have no intention of ever truely fixing the problem. Yes, it's old news and people will keep buying the 360 but what they did is not right. If the 360 was reliable (would't pay to play) then I'd have bought one for Lost Odyssey but things being what they are they do not deserve my support. MS has soured me on the Xbox brand (I did buy an original Xbox) to the point I honestly do not see myself supporting it in future iterations. They sure will have a lot to prove next gen.
Blow Out Your Brains  +   2372d ago
Wow, almost five freakin years and they haven't figured a solution to the problem?? They must have some real gems working at M$. Biggest joke this gen is RROD.
Henry Cain  +   2372d ago
There is no way in hell that I would be on my ninth xbox 360. Mine died after three weeks out of the box. I got a new one from the store because I was still within the thirty day return policy. If it happens again and I have to pay, I won't have an xbox 360 anymore.
HDgamer  +   2372d ago
The xbox 360 wasn't designed to be broken however it seems like MS doesn't want to fix the problem especially if they are selling at 200 bucks and more with a 3 year warranty. No matter what area you keep it in eventually it will break or you will remain one of the lucky bastards who don't have RROD or E-74.
Zack Sawyer  +   2372d ago
I thought that they had paid, quite a lot of money from what I could recall. They messed up and are paying for it but it doesn't seem to be of much concern to the general consumer otherwise they wouldn't keep on buying them.

The RROD is of no concern to me so long as Microsoft don't charge a fortune to have this fault of theirs repaired. I can just do other things to occupy me whilst its off being fixed.
renog66  +   2372d ago
Both systems suck but at least you have a 3 year warranty with the 360 vs a one year with the PS3. I have both systems and love them both but you get the ylod ( yellow light of death ) with the PS3 you get the power failure, blu-ray and after your one year is up you have to pay $150 to get it fixed. I agree that there the 360 is just a bad design but some thing is going wrong with the PS3 as well. Some one posted about the the PS3 problem about 4 or 5 months ago did any one read that??? You see my point is at least you have 3 years with the 360 and it don't cost you anything...yes you have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get it back and that suck BUT!!! I have to send my PS3 in to get it fixed which I have to pay $150 plus wait 2 or 3 weeks plus miss out on gaming. All my PS3 friends had to send their PS3's in to get fixed and paid $150 and that's 67 friends out of a 100 so there's a problem with both systems...I'm not a fan boy...I'm a gamer.
NotSoSilentBob  +   2372d ago
You forget to mention that 3 YEARS is ONLY FOR THE RROD. Anything else and you will pay for it. With the amount of time this guy has waited in between sending/receiving his 360s he could have got a job and paid for 5-6 ps3 no problem and have the best exclusives of 08/09 and to come.
Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
In my opinion
This is part of MS Viral Marketing. X360 dies on you and you buy a new one due to all games you have. Some peolpe have 2 working at once for when one breaks down he has another X360 to play until repairs.

What really amazes me and makes me think its Viral Marketing to sell more consoles, is that modded X360s that have extra fans added never get RROD. I mean really, if adding 3 fans do the job why cannot MS do it?

MS CAN Fix RROD but they do not want for simple reason its more consoles sold.
#29 (Edited 2372d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
HDgamer  +   2372d ago
Because modded 360's are much better than the original product. Which is also why MS doesn't want you to have on besides the pirated games.
Stryfeno2  +   2372d ago
Damn, is this a droid convention? They flock to this news like it is a relief.

360 isn't going anywhere...No matter how many times you fanboys tries. Yes, the 360 has a RROD problem but if it wasn't a good console then it would of been long gone.
Mo0eY  +   2372d ago
PatchBox PleaseFixMe.

Anyway, this problem should have been avoided at the beginning when MIcrosoft engineers knew about it, but M$ gave you guys the shaft and sold the system with having no concerns about the consumer.

You must like getting rammed up the anus.
xcox  +   2372d ago
the 360 is a great console for suckas

i've got 2 launch 60GB ps3s running at least 5h/day with my roommate:
never had the slightest prob
rock solid, amazing piece of gaming hardware

you xb!tches have been conned so deep, i pity you fools
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