IESB Exclusive: Master Chief and HALO May Be Coming to the Big Screen Sooner than Expected with a New Big Name Producer

HALO, the wildly popular video games that follow Master Chief, a cybernetically-enhanced human super-soldier, and his artificial intelligence (AI) companion, Cortana as they aide future humanity in battling the Covenant, a theocratic alliance of alien races, may be coming to the big screen much sooner than we expected.

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king dong33265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

but i think we should just ask morganfell if it's coming or not

i dont think n4g needs to exist anymore, just ask moganfell instead. i think it's safe to say, if he hasn' called it, then it aint happening

lol i'm joking about closing down n4g. if n4g needs anything, it needs cleansing of them links for a laugh

ShabzS3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

haha... relax man its just one guys opinion ... no need to close down n4g coz some dude doesnt agree ... damn just step into the retarded zone over there ---> and see how crazy this site can get ...

on topic : big headline ... this could be great ... but if speilberg is producing whos going to direct it ? ... they've outlined a complete trilogy here...

king dong33265d ago

are them links pure gold or what???

PS3 man3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

What about people wt multiple accounts called King Dong? Waas the explanation for that? People like that are the real problem. Maybr Gears was in development. The dude has told stuff before nobody knew that worked out. So ms sewed up a ps3 version. You diggin up links thas a year old? you're just sad. Peopl like you are the real problem here. Holw many accounts you got?

iron3265d ago

LOL at morganfell, she has no idea what she's talking about.

Vespertine3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Waaaay off topic.

Could have posted that in the Open Zone king dong3.

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Omega43265d ago

I dont see why it hasnt already been done yet. They made multiple Tomb Raider movies and that game is nowhere near as popular as Halo, not to mention it wouldnt be too hard to come up with a storyline.

The only problem I could see would be maybe the cost of all the CGI which would need to be done, but im certain it would pay off especially if they leave the marketing to MS.

Vespertine3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I agree. I hope Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson try doing Halo again though, I think they were going in the right direction with it.

I mean yeah it's going to take a lot of money to make it, but in the long run... it's going to make TONS of money in return.

Hellsvacancy3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

But Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson would of done a FAAAAAAAAAAR better job then wot Spielberg is goin 2 do

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