Is the Forza 2 demo out this week?

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft will release the promised Forza 2 demo this week.

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elliot_4011d ago

hum...nice...probably this will be a must have game for 360...hope polyphony learn things from it...and do the GT ever:P

this game has F40 and lamborguinis...pretty awesome...may be i'll be able
to play the demo on some shopping...cus i don't have any friends with 360...only with the 1st Xbox...

elliot_4011d ago

my mistake..."hope polyphony learn things from it...and do the greatest GT ever"

Marcello4011d ago

this game looks to have a lot of potential, some nice ideas have been thrown in, i am sure polyphony will be picking this game apart when its released and as for the demo its gonna go servers overload at M$ when it is put on marketplace , it supposed to be a huge file prob around 2 gig

tony4011d ago

forza 2 has online. gt doesn't. too bad.

JPomper4011d ago

GT needs Forza's level of customization and online options to even compete.

PS360PCROCKS4011d ago

yea but keep in mind that GT will have blu-ray which means Polophony can go crazy if they choose to and do practically anything they want. But I assume they will stick with their polished graphics routine for every one of their games. Anyways if this comes out this week I am going to be so damn happy, and is CVG in Europe? Because they put the release for June 8th in the article, I thought it was like May 29th?

gta_cb4011d ago

@ xbox360rocks

it was the 29th May but it got held back til the 8th June. doesnt really matter though does it, 1 week lol.

omansteveo4011d ago

GT needs car damage first...then lambos and porches not mini coopers and Model-T's then customizing oh and ONLINE!

Lygre4011d ago

..not to forget about AI as well.

cuco334011d ago


go take a look back at your history books in regards to the mini coopers... they have just as much racing history as a lot of the cars you'll play in either gt ot forza2

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