Rumour: Red Storm Working on GRAW 3 for Xbox 360

Split-Screen: "We recently spotted an interesting point in the resume of Kim Kirchstein, Texture Artist and Material/Shader Artist for Red Storm Entertainment. The majority of his work consists of Ghost Recon titles, included the Advanced Warfighter series, besides Rainbow Six Lockdown (Xbox) and The Sum of All Fears (PC)."

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MGOelite3149d ago

just wondering but doesnt this just mean there creating a game? there is no mention of GRAW development (as a matter of fact where does it say anything about it coming to 360?)

morganfell3149d ago

No they are not working on GRAW for the 360. They are making Ghost Recon 3 for PC, PS3, and 360. Ghost Recon 3 is a return to a grittier more tactical, less tech heavy game. I have been to Red Storm on numerous occasions for business ans seen the project.

Nike3149d ago


- Guy worked on the Ghost Recon games, as well as GRAW. So it could be either of those two. But since his last title was GRAW (and there have been sneaks of the game lately), indicators point that it.
- "Unannounced title (Xbox 360)". It says right there. For the Xbox 360.


Oooookkkaaaayyyy. :|

ElementX3149d ago

Can you prove this? What do you do for business?

morganfell3149d ago

I work in development for gaming and another media field. Short of providing you unreleased screens and gameplay that I have seen first hand but do not possess then no, I can't give you physical proof.

The other thing to consider is the size of RSE. They are doing all 3 versions of Ghost Recon 3 in house. They do not have the staff available to work on a 4th title right now. Steve has to make a pitch to Ubisoft in order to be greenlit for any work and I know for a fact that has not occurred either.

king dong33149d ago

lol what like your prediction that gears 2 was going to be announced for the pstriple at E3....and look how that turned out.

i remember the thread that you said you were going to save so that people who doubted you wouldn't be able to show their faces after the announcement.

lol you my deluded friend are full of sh!t.

morganfell3149d ago

Here is the ignore for your 3rd account. You didn't read what I wrote. I said give me an explanation of why they were working on that. Enough said. IGNORE coming at you.

king dong33149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

here is some proof of your know nothingness

read this thread to see just how much rubbish this guy talks

oh look morganfell caught talking rubbish

and here is the icing on the cake enjoy people read morganfells replys

please undo the ignore the morganfell. you need to read them links! they are pure class from you morganfell. i'm going to be saving them, so i can bring them out everytime you start talking nonsense.

anyway, i wouldnt mind seeing another graw, but i would much prefer a decent rainbow six instead.

jib3149d ago

if by "humiliation," you mean morganfell then im lol'n with you

likedamaster3149d ago

You earned the name.

on topic/
GRAW 3 please.

PS3 man3149d ago

ahahah! Yopu guys are a yeehaw. you are saying graw 3 is coming to the 360 jus because a guy had unnannounced xbox 360 title in his resume? For all you know that was Ghost Recon 3 before it was announced. When did he put that entry in his resume. lots of people dopn't update their stuff. you guys are a laugh a minute.

Dread3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

king dong just owned u morganfail


o and graw will not be exclusive so lets end this .

morganfell3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

First off, Kim is a her, not a him. The article can't even get things right.

Second of all she was fired about 5 months ago. She didn't quit, she was fired.

Keep dreaming. The leap in logic that says "Unnannounced Xbox 360 Title" suddenly equals GRAW on the 360 is a joke. There is no GRAW. Just Ghost Recon on all 3 platforms - PC, PS3, 360 and that's it.

And yes, when I made those statements last year they were working on the PS3 version of Gears 2. Believe it or not, I don't really care at this point. Was it cancelled? Apparently so. Look at the dates on those comments.

Of course he can't argue logically. Maybe that's why King Dong pm'ed me with the Account King Dong3 to curse at me so I blocked him. Then I get a pm from King Dong - a different account - but the same guy so he could continue his tirade. There is your problem with N4G.

iron3149d ago

Morganfail has her foot shoved waaay up her mouth, she can't and doesn't want to respond to King D. LMAO!!

JokesOnYou3149d ago

That's some pretty funny stuff...and I remember him making plenty of wild predictions/statements as if he has some "inside" contacts, lmfao this guy is one of the biggest sony extremists I've ever seen....even sony loyal folks don't take him seriously. lol


MiloGarret3149d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

HAHAHAHAHA, someone give King Dong bubbles, this man must speak so he can continue his pwning of morganfail!

From this day on, whenever morganfail speaks I'm just going to post those links (without forgetting to cred King Dong), PRICELESS King Dong!

xbox360achievements3148d ago

Ubisoft have already announced Ghost Recon 4 (yes I said 4).

Considering that RSE had a hand in GRAW 1 & 2, it's no surprise that they'd have a hand in GR4 as well. For Ubisoft, GRAW was Ghost Recon 3.

morganfell - If you're going to bullshit, at least get the name of the game right.

ukilnme3148d ago

LMAO. King Dong3 you could have at least used some vaseline before pounding morganfail like that. That was priceless. On topic though I don't believe that GRAW3 will be exclusive. I will be very surprised if it is.

morganfell3148d ago

xboxachievements, you are wrong. GRAW was not Ghost Recon 3. Anyone that played OGR knows GRAW was a lot of things but it wasn't Ghost Recon. You are one of those people that do not get the OGR all.

jeffaustin903148d ago

No, you're wrong. It IS Ghost Recon 4. Ubisoft even says so themselves.


For someone who says they're in the video game business, it doesn't look good on you when you don't do research on a topic first.

It's Ghost Recon 4. If you want, I can find half a dozen more sources for you.

u got owned3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

WOW, Morganfell has been owned by every one today. lolollol

king dong33148d ago

thanks for the bubble guys. if there was anyone more deserving of the humiliation, then it was moganfail.

and did you lot notice that he replyd to me saying that that they were "working on it", but then went silent on that when i posted the links.

they are pure gold by the way people make sure you bookmark

Miss Goblin3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

jeffaustin , I think you are missing his point. Peopl that have played ghost recon since the beginning dont even think that graw is a game in the series. by that meaning the long time fans look at this next game as number 3.

jeffaustin903147d ago

MissGoblin, it doesn't matter what fans think. The name of the game is Ghost Recon 4, that's not going to change because some people don't want to consider the GRAW series as Ghost Recon canon. What you are trying to say is that just because your opinion is that GRAW shouldn't be in the GR series, that means it's not. Well that's not correct. It IS in there, it IS considered to be 3rd in the Ghost Recon series. You just have to accept that, because there's no point in disputing it. You just can't argue against a fact by using an opinion.

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KionicWarlord2223149d ago

I wonder if next graw will go back to how it use to be .

green3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

because i have been satisfied with every iteration of the Ghost Recon franchise.Ubisoft have really done a damn good job with that franchise.

likedamaster3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )




Agreed. I'm a big GRAW fan, been playing the series since GR1 for Xbox/PC. Impressive how they managed to up the graphics from GR1 to 2 and add online multiplayer for Xbox. Graw was perfect on the 360 then upping the visuals (at least for campaign) again for GRAW2 and adding more multiplayer modes not to mention absolutely beautiful maps.

KionicWarlord2223149d ago

I played graw on xbox 360 not second one though . Was there a lot i miss in second one ?

Raf1k13148d ago

Do you mean GRAW or Ghost Recon 1 & 2 because first two were great.

Never really got into GRAW myself.

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air13149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

graw 3

only on x360


and why not???

zack613149d ago

don't get your hopes up

OmarJA3149d ago

For your own sake i hope so...

The 360 needs all games it can get.

air13149d ago

for my sake? ppfff...

you make it seem like things are as bad when the ps3 launched :P

Milky3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

yeah its GRAW 3 probably.

Milky3149d ago

yeah it most likely is.

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