Wolfenstein Preorder Bonuses Revealed


The official Wolfenstein website has listed the different preorder programs available for the game.

GameStop: Get a Day 1 Multiplayer Advantage: Preorder with Gamestop and get 2,000 Wolfenstein in-game gold pieces for use in multiplayer. Choose your own weapon or power upgrade.

Amazon: Unlock Wolfenstein 3D full game: Preorder now and get a free copy of Wolfenstein 3D for the Xbox Live Arcade or the Playstation Network

Hollywood Game Crazy: Wolfenstein Limited Edition Medal: Reserve Wolfenstein and receive an exclusive limited edition Wolfenstein collectors metal.

BestBuy: Unlock the Flammenwerfer: Normally available as a reward halfway through the single player campaign, if you purchase Wolfenstein at BestBuy you will have access to the Flammenwerfer from the very first level.

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