The Allure of Sex in Video Games

A timeless, but much less overwrought discussion in the realm of videogames lies around the notion of general sexual differences. Most of us have probably seen this subject literally spilling its way over bikini tops in titles such as Dead or Alive. Because of how most women are portrayed however, a lot of focus is unnecessarily placed on them and turns the whole discussion into a counter-productive practice amongst gamers. So, where exactly are our stances on this matter as a whole? Videogames are going to be around for the long haul and with time this simplistic depiction of sexuality will hopefully, wear itself out. Between men and women of various sexual orientations, most of the open ground for exploration hasn't even been scratched yet by developers. Sex is a very basic human desire and we spend most of our time trying to downplay it more than we should. Because of that, it often manifests itself in odd and/or perverse ways. Gaming is not immune to these perverse manifestations, so it's no surprise that we've ended up in such an odd state with the portrayal of sexuality in games. The question and purpose of this is to find out how we can and are meant to perceive sex in our games, in the most general sense.

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Horny3239d ago

Watch Nintendo come out with a fleshlight and dildo controller next.

Final_Rpg3239d ago

I've always wanted a fleshlight...

-Mezzo-3239d ago

Agreed, i think Nintendo think hardcore gamers will be pleased with Porn.

bujasem_893239d ago

2 hours its gonna be 1010 in heat damn sometimes i think only kids are on this site.

-Mezzo-3239d ago

agreed the image will show wonders.

HBK6193239d ago

If you liked the pic, try playing the game!!!(God of War 1 and 2 BTW)


-Mezzo-3239d ago

lol. nice to see someone accepting it.

crazy250003239d ago

yeah im waiting for gow3 =)

mirroredderorrim3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Sony has already come up with a dildo motion conroller that has a fleshlight(!?).

FamilyGuy3239d ago

You obviously have no idea what a fleshlight is

Kinda makes you joke loose it's luster...

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