XBL Games on Demand: Price Inconsistancies Exposed

Gamer Limit writes "Some of you have probably noticed the reports from the XBox Live Preview currently underway regarding the Games on Demand pricing. Different regions have been offered different titles at strangely varied price points, some close and some ridiculously distant from any retail comparison.

Unfortunately, if you happen to live in Australia or New Zealand, it looks like we're on the way to being disappointed once again. Unfortunately, the removal of MS points as the benchmark and moving to local currency has removed any chance of consistent prices. Considering we are generally always limited when it comes to On Demand purchases from any console maker, this isn't a surprise."

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syvergy3211d ago

I can't believe how expensive those games are for Australians - AU$99 for Mass Effect! I bought it last week for AU$24!

Fullish3211d ago

I know, it's balls.
Australians get a 500% price increase from Americans....

Ziriux3211d ago

As I mentioned below, the Brits get it in the b*** the worst, especially from Activision in regards to Modern Warfare 2.

Ziriux3211d ago

Something that I've noticed ever since the Marketplace release is the inconsistencies in prices on XBLA games, more now than ever with Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, and other various XBLA titles. MS needs to set a standard for prices so that way we don't have to wonder how much the next title will cost.

JQ3211d ago

I'm pretty sure this is just Microsoft's way of reminding the world that no one cares about Australia.

Ziriux3211d ago

That is not true. I think Australia is a very important market for most developers and publishers. I mean sure it's a turn off for companies to have to worry about whats appropriate and not with Germany and Australia, but it has nothing to do with pricing.

In regards to pricing our poor chaps in England get dinged the worst, with higher prices.

syvergy3211d ago

If Microsoft didn't care about Australia, they wouldn't have such an active regional presence here :)

Skivvo3211d ago

Im a big Anti-Microsoft in terms of their LIVE services, both for PC and Xbox. Their prices are just ridiculous, especially in relation to the age of the game, an old game will cost just as much as a brand new one... Silly bunch of poos

-MD-3211d ago

So buy it in a store and quit complaining.

-MD-3211d ago


Make sure you don't make that mistake the next time you call someone dumb.

Elvfam5113210d ago

I got owned sorry i apologize that i didn't put you're

Why don't you go get your pockets raped okay

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The Newt3211d ago

I think all I have is Xbox Original games so far and the price is still kinda questionable. But as time moves forward we'll see how this good feature that has potential moves through.

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The story is too old to be commented.