Top 10 Hottest in Gaming Cosplay

Koku Gamer writes: "People dressing up like their favorite game character has been around for years now. At big game shows such as ComicCon, E3, Tokyo Game Show and other various conventions you will find people dressed up as their or your favorite game characters. Often times you can't help it but start staring or drooling at some costumes you may see around the convention. We searched the net, hunting for the hottest cosplay and think we came up with pretty good list of people dressed up as their or your favorite game characters. Checkout the Koku Gamer Top 10 Hottest Cosplay Characters."

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Fullish2998d ago

Before looking, that pikachu girl better be there :D

WengYong2998d ago

I love Rikku, actually I love them all. I would have put Lara Croft at number 1, just because shes the original cosplay model

NeoCloud2998d ago

I didnt know Pikachu was a female??? Riku is very cute and Lara is always hot.

rockleex2998d ago

"Have you seen a sexier Raiku"


vhero2998d ago

Why do Samus characters always make it into these things?? somebodys got a warped mind... wait did I just say that??

Ahmad-2998d ago

The moment EVA took off her jacket i popped a 9er

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TheHater2998d ago

remind me of this video. :)
This one is for you

Ziriux2998d ago

Hehe, the Pikachu girl is a must on the list. It's one Pikachu I want to battle against. I don't know why I still find the Rikku model my favorite she is soooo darn fine and beautiful, it's crazy.

WengYong2998d ago

She was one of the few I thought was hot in game. Her and Jill Valentine from Resi 3. AND SHES ON THE LIST TOO!!!

ThatCanadianGuy2998d ago

No doubt the Rikku girl is cute..

But that image was heavily photo shopped
User "E74" pointed that out a few weeks back.

Also, i like what you did with the sites logo name Ziriux.Looks good!

TruUnknowN2998d ago

She looks beautiful with or without photoshop, IMHO.

Ziriux2998d ago

Good find Canadian, but yea either way she is very cute/beautiful.

Mo0eY2998d ago

I'd like to pika her chu.

phosphor1122998d ago

Here's her facebook fan page. lol.
There you can see the fan pics of her Rikku cosplay, my favorite of them lol

Mo0eY2998d ago

We got a creeper up in here - Facebook stalking.

E742998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

yeah, nobody looks like that, or else people should start cosplaying as HER.

phosphor1122997d ago

Also, its not HER facebook, its her fan page on facebook.

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Skivvo2998d ago

I'd have to say honourable mention to the DOA one, lol boingggg.... That one is hard to place each one correctly, good job!!

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