Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Cloud Strife and Terra Branford

This week, it's Cloud and Terra on the chopping block! Will Dissidia finally put an end to the eternal war between Final Fantasy 6 and 7 fans? Probably not!

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TooL 3163265d ago

How is it that I've never seen this game before, it looks totally awesome. final fantasy 6 and 7 are both great games but ff6 is just that much better.

Polluted3265d ago

Got the demo sitting on my PS3 right now, but I haven't bothered transferring it over the the PSP yet. Sort of curious to see exactly how this thing plays.

Chopkilla3265d ago

pretty good game, i don't know much about ff6 through? what does it mean by an eternal war between ff 6 and 7?