Halo 3: ODST Vs. M.A.G: Final Round

Blend Games writes:

"It's the finale in our three week overview comparison of Halo 3: ODST and M.A.G. This week we tackle the very delicate but important subject of replay values. Yes, how replayable will either game be and will both titles offer up the longevity necessary to hold gamers over until the next sequel?"

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Dragun6193150d ago

M.A.G. and Halo ODST are nothing alike.

M.A.G. is a Massively online Multiplayer supporting online battles with up to 256 players.

And Halo ODST is a standalone expansion that features new campaign mode, Firefight mode, and all the multiplayer maps.

Why Compare them?

360 man3149d ago

well with what microsoft is charging, it better be as big as a full game

SevWolf3149d ago

TRUE.COD:MW 2 and MAG can be comparable cause they are both "realistic" shooters. While Halo is more of a fantasy(you know what I mean)...not even KZ 2 and Halo can be compared. Maybe halo and crysis, but that's even a stretch.

Halo3 MLG Pro3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Smart comment. Yeah Halo 3 is more of a sci fi FPS. Half Life 2 or Haze would be a good comparison. M.A.G. can be compared to the hundreds of other war shooters like Battlefield.

SevWolf3149d ago

@ MLG Pro: EXACTLY. That's why I got pissed when they compared KZ 2 and HAlo, and now they wanna compare MAg to Halo? That's also why I dont think Uncharted and Gears can be compared on all aspects

Halo3 MLG Pro3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

True. Just because it's from the same genre doesn't mean it's comparable. Their are many factors involved. That's like trying to compare an RPG like Final Fantasy to Fallout 3 or Mass Effect to Blue Dragon. Just not going to work. Oh well, not the first time I seen a silly article on this site.

MazzingerZ3149d ago

? replayability?...MAG doesn't even have SP so you buy it to play it not to beat it and see then what happens...

I suggest
-Halo ODST vs Uncharted 2 to find out best action game
-Halo ODST vs Ratchet & Clank, which one has the best weapons
-Halo ODST vs Demon's multiplayer integration?
-Halo ODST vs God of War 3...which one is best non-racing game?

so actually Halo ODST has everything you need this fall, everybody should get a X360 to play it...

El_Colombiano3149d ago

COD online is anything but realistic my friends. It is for more arcady.

talltony3149d ago

Even though they are nothing alike. i would take MAG any day over ODST. With ODST I know exactly what I am getting which is Halo without rechargable health this time for $60 bucks. MAG looks to be a much bigger much different fps and that is what i want right now.

stevenhiggster3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

@1.7 you read my mind.

Also I do think Halo and KZ2 could be compared, using your criteria (sev), they are both sci-fi FPS' based on alien planets, whats not similar there? Obviously KZ2 is far superior

mal_tez923149d ago

MAG is a more "realistic" game while in Halo you jump 10 feet in th air while shooting slow moving pretty colours at each other.
Halo should be compared to more similar games like resistance, and MAG should be compared with games like Call of Duty.

EpicGamerSwordsman3149d ago

Really? Comparing a Sci-fi FPS to a MMOFPS..

Plus Halo ODST Includes a Campaign in which M.A.G of course Doesn't.
Seriously the worse Comparison, They should've done Halo ODST vs MW2

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THC CELL3149d ago

sorry but mag any day
im just doing what the website says

im sick of seen halo on xbox
its nothing new anymore

crematory3149d ago

first time i see people compare DLC to full game!

THC CELL3149d ago

give me a halo with 256 players and uses the xbox power and we will have a winner

PotNoodle3149d ago

How about waiting till they've both been released?

duplissi3149d ago

wise, but i dont see the need to compare them at all because they arent even the same, now if sony had a new resistance coming out i could see the need to there because at least halo and resistance are similar.

mastiffchild3149d ago

The comparison is a failure n every way. We don't even know the price for MAG yet and if SOCOM and Warhawk are anything to go by it won't be the same price as ODST in any case.

It's not on the same playform either and as both are exclusives you're only really asking dual console owners what they think(if you want anything at all meaningful out of this thing)and that is NOT ost gamers.

Halo fans are likely to be either 360 only gamers OR very partisan towards ODST while PS3 only gamers are less likely to care about Halo or they'd have a 360!

One is a full retail size expansion for Halo3 and one a new IP. ODST has a SP mode while MAG doesn't. Mag is completely online and squad divided 256 player battles while ODST is SP and Co-op like usual Halo-I struggle to see their relevance to each other outside of the FPS tag and it would be more interesting to compare either to MW2(as it's at leas available on their platforms).

So, really, isn't this little series of stories realyly asking if the bigger group is the one that likes Halo or the one that doesn't? What the hell's the point?