Conan O' Brien Makes a Xbox 360/Sarah Palin Quitting Joke

Xbox Evolved Writes: "On last night's NBC's Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, O' Brien made remarks over the the eBay auction for Xbox 360 Autographed for 1.1 Million dollars."

Do you want to fork over 1.1 million dollars?

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Saaking3151d ago

Hilarious, FaceBox!! haha... that's really funny.

OGharryjoysticks3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I should have thought of that one :)

But what's funnier is that everybody laughs and cheers but basically they just laugh at themselves for allowing a problem to be accepted. If the rest of life was like this there wouldn't be doctors and scientists working on cures for diseases taking our loved ones - and thank God Microsoft doesn't make medical equipment. But hey, let's have people die from Polio and just laugh about it and go swimming instead of doing something about it.

NMC20073151d ago

Wow, WTF man? It's not that serious.

WenisWagon3151d ago

then today must be a slow day in the gaming world.

Jayfatyboombaty3151d ago

Yeah I don't know for sure if everyone will get that RRoD joke, seems more like an inside joke..does anyone know if this is on Hulu or anythign yet?

hatchimatchi3150d ago

the rrod is hardly an inside joke. I can understand people not knowing the term 'rrod' but everyone who plays games knows that 360's have a nasty habit of dying.

zerodef103151d ago

you know it could just be referencing the fact that she quit.

Kushan3151d ago

I'm not entirely convinced it's a stab at the RROD, you know. I dunno, I don't know enough about Palin but it seems to me to be a bit of a weak RROD joke, but if she was famous for "quitting" anything, it'd be a pretty good political jab.
Anyone got any sources on this?

InFAMOUS13151d ago

Its a stab at both Sarah Palin, and Microsoft.. In the joke he said "they both like to quit on their supporters" Considering the 360 has cost MS 1+billion= MILLIONS of 'quitting' consoles, all due to the RROD I'm pretty sure its safe to say he was making fun of the issue. Palin=1x quitter xbox360= the 10,000,000x quitter. Its late night TV.. Jokes are not meant to be hard.. BUT maybe for some I guess?.?.?

DMason3151d ago


You gotta admit thou man, people must really love their console to keep putting up with a problem like thath. I mean, I went through three of them, but I still love my Xbox. Never paid a cent to get it fixed, and they never took longer than a week to get it back to me.

Godmars2903150d ago

Its not the console, but the games on it. At the end of the day, the 360 is just a platform, just like the PS3 and the Wii. Its Games like Gears and halo that brings people to the table.

hatchimatchi3150d ago

that's exactly why i havent bought a 360, i realize that the warranty has been extended and that it doesn't cost a thing to get fixed but i refuse to buy a product that i know will eventually break. It makes zero sense to me, and yes i realize the ps3 has the ylod but that happens to so few, i have had zero problems with my ps3. There's a few games on the 360 i'd like to play, mass effect & kameo, but it's not worth it to me. Besides i have no room in my entertainment center to put a 360. The ps3 towers over my ps2 slim and wii, it's kinda funny actually.

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