What will the iPhone 3GS change? Resolution Interactive talks about game development

In a current interview with the German iPhone-Site producer Johan Westin from Resolution Interactive talked about various aspects of general iPhone game development.

An interesting question was how the iPhone 3GS will change the development of games and if this aspect will cluster the App Store content? "What do think about the iPhone 3GS. Will it improve future game development and how?"

John Westin: "The arrival of "OpenGL ES 2.0" on the platform with the iPhone 3G S should enable us to raise the bar in terms of visual quality for the graphics as well as performance when considering the new shader support."


"The big question regarding this new hardware platform is how it will affect the market in general. Will it create a devide in the game segment with premium "3G S only" games? Or will we see new games being developed with 2 versions; a "legacy version" and a "3G S version"? Or perhaps only one version that will scale graphics and gameplay depending on which device is being used? We will just have to wait and see."

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