Infinity Ward: More Than Two 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Map Packs Possible

Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Earlier today I wrote a story about how Activision stated in their conference call that there will be two map packs released as DLC for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2". Said Mike Griffith, Activision Publishing CEO, "We plan to launch two separate map packs for this title. Map packs help extend the shelf life of the franchise, as evidence by the strong catalog sales and premium pricing that we maintained a year and a half after launch."

Certainly makes it sounds like two map packs is all they're planning, right? Well apparently Infinity Ward isn't ruling out the possibility of more. Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's Community Manager, sent an email to MTV Multiplayer with their DLC outlook for the game."

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SiLeNt KNighT3123d ago

Actiblizzard will make them make more map packs. money hungry POS's! i wish IW would go somewhere else. IW is a respectable company...Actiblizzard is not.

Blaster_Master3122d ago

I just dont understand? Why dont they just include the new map packs when the game releases? Actiblizzard doesn't care that millions of their loyal fans lost their jobs this year.

Honestly, I would rather have these maps in the game then have a single player campaign. They should stop making single player all together, and just give us the ultimate multiplayer experience.

InFAMOUS13122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

They would lose millions in sales if they got rid of SP in COD.. A lot of ppl buy this series just for the SP experience..
Lets face it; IW makes a great video game. They have this ability to take such a simple concept and turn it into something that majority of the gamers want. My only problem with these guys is that they have no sense of the community.. MW was/is one of the biggest games of all time, and it gets 1 map pack that had 2 playable maps in it (broadcast,chinatown). Even [email protected] got 3 map packs. I just really hope IW steps up to the plate and ACTUALLY listens to the fans/community and give them something they want, because I can't name very many developers whom have promised that and actually delivered.
With regards to the above comment. Ya man it would be great if they did that, but video games cost a freak load of money to make nowadays and it is after all a business, and if they can get away with charging you 9.99 for a map pack then they will. However if you got a close friend that D/Ls it before you, why don't you ask him if you can log into their name and D/L it onto your system..

EDIT: I dunno if you can do the DLC exchange on Xbox.. I know you can on PS3. If you can't on 360, then well its another great reason to get a PS3

Megaton3122d ago

The game will ship with half a map, 2nd half unlocked with $5/400 MSP. DLC maps will follow 1 per week, $10/800 MSP each.

Bobby Kotick's wet dream.

Carbide73122d ago

I'm not sure if it's worth even getting MW2 when it comes out, I think my well earned money has better games waiting for it. But then again it isn't out yet.

MazzingerZ3122d ago

When publishers and devs start talking about DLC before releasing a games just tells you they know people will buy the game regardless... what a diference with other games where devs give you walkthoughs and talk and talk about the game and why you should buy it

I have yet to play a GH game, I purchased COD4 becuause it looked great and MP was there's no reason to buy MW1.5 for me, it feels like paying 60 bucks for an expansion pack for COD4

I'm still enjoying R2 co-op and competitive, loving still K2, I just purchased all the map why to spend money on MW2? I don't have time for it's not like I'm forced to play R2 and K2 today just because there's nothing else.

What I'm missing today is SP games and looking at other games for that matter.

badz1493122d ago

they don't even try to upgrade their engine and is admittedly using the old engine! they also dare to announce the price hike and now talking openly about planned DLC ALREADY?! arrogant greedy pricks they are, all of them at activision! they are this arrogant because they know people will still buy their games! each and everyday, there will always be one more reason NOT to buy MW2 and perhaps all their games after this! at least for those in N4G, I don't know why else will you buy this game! please don't condone this practice of activision and lets show them who the BOSS is! they are living with our money, and now don't give your hard earn money for these prick!


Good to see PS3 fans and Xbox fans or anything between unite again. dont forget to http://www.petitiononline.c...

dantesparda3121d ago

Developers are now officially milking us by holding back content that should be in the game. Just so they can more money of us. This is literally a way to make the game more expensive than the usual $60 price tag.

Blackfrican3121d ago

The funniest thing about COD maps is that they are just 'cookie cut' straight out of the single player, including the DLC. So you technically already have the map that you are paying for, but you were previously unable to play multiplayer there. To me, this is no better than EA selling their unlock keys for content already on the disc.

Blaster_Master3120d ago

I would pay monthly for IW to just make the ultimate multiplayer experience, even if it means spending hundreds annually. It would be the sickest thing to ever happen in online gaming. Hire me Activision, I would make you more money the economical way for everybody. LOL!

Gamertags3120d ago

One of the problems with COD4 was the lack of expansion packs. While there was one and it was good, there could have been much more to expand on the multiplayer aspects.

With COD5, we are map pack number 3 and gamers were treated to a free map (Makin -Day Version). Not only are we getting maps for the multiplayer but maps for the Nazi Zombies with each one. I have purchased all of them and they are all fairly priced and the content is well worth it. Judging by how many people are playing this game, others must feel the same way.

Concerning COD MW2, more expansions the better I say. Personally, I am not one who is beet*ching about the price or Activision. This company is no different than any other out there. After the hype is over, COD MW2 will go on to sell millions. The first was great and this one will only improve. I am happy to hear that there are planned expansions.

BTW, have you guys seen the videos for this game? It looks freaking awesome! Can't wait!

DaTruth3120d ago

You don't have to pay monthly, Zipper is already making the ultimate multiplayer experience, It's called "MAG"!!!

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wxer3122d ago

Activision likes to milk the games it got
wether it was by making a thousands of sequels
or millions of DLC's

Saaking3122d ago

That's right Activision milk it til it's dead and then see what happens when it's popularity fades.

DaTruth3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

They will milk their next franchise "Future Warfare"!

Expect Future Warfare 2 and 3 errr.... 1.5 and 1.7 shortly thereafter with 10 DLC each, they don't care how much they fracture the community. You will spend an hour looking for a server with your mix of DLC's. This server caters to owners of Map packs 2, 5 ,8 and 10.

Bubble Buddy3122d ago

The map pack from COD4 wasn't even that good. Keep milking Activision :/, Karma will come back.

themyk3122d ago

who wants to fight anderson silva. after seeing him just manhandle and completely dominate forrest griffin. that was embarrassing.

WenisWagon3122d ago

They will probably just with-hold maps that were going to initially be released with the game, just to release them a month after the game comes out to make another $15. Greedy bastards.

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